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RTS Tactical

RTS Tactical SWAT Ballistic Shield With Viewport

RTS Tactical SWAT Ballistic Shield With Viewport

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Deploying the RTS Tactical SWAT Ballistic Shield is critical for effectively responding to an active shooter situation. Cleverly designed for accuracy and function, first responders, law enforcement and SWAT teams can eliminate a threat knowing they are shielded from harm.

RTS TACTICAL Ballistic Shields are cleverly designed to protect law enforcement, first responders and SWAT teams in all active shooter situations including forced entry, hostage rescue and crowd control. It comes designed with a view port and a proprietary mix of Aramid Fibers and DSM Dyneema Lightweight materials. The ballistics are also encapsulated with Polyurea Rhino Coating for rugged user operations.


  • Heavy duty triangle ambidextrous handles
  • LED lighting system (optional)
  • Size: 24" x 36" & 24" X 48"
  • Weight: 15 LBS - 24" X 36"
  • 4" x 10" viewport
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