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RTS Tactical

RTS Ballistic Armor Solid Panel Divider

RTS Ballistic Armor Solid Panel Divider

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Like our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Glass Panel Dividers we went ahead constructed and developed our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Solid Panel Dividers, They come in both standard and customizable sizes and finnishes.

Our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Solid Panel Dividers can easily be taken and used for cubicles, to block entryways and windows, connect to a wall as a partition, or simply connect multiple partitions lengthwise to form a bulletproof wall, a perfect product for any open and public location. These panels are currently in and trusted by hundreds of military recruitment centers.

When we put pen to paper to create this state of the art military grade product we new it would have to stand out with its functionality and ballistic capabilities that's why we went ahead and used advanced armored steel providing protection from an onslaught of high-velocity rifle ammunition and were put to the test to make sure like all other RTS Tactical producers they are top of the Line and the highest quality offered on the market.

At RTS Tactical our goal is to introduce state of the art and new innovated products to the market that's why we didn't stop there we now offer our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Solid Panel Divider in a whiteboard finish to make them a perfect ballistic product to keep all classrooms safe.

They can easily put in a classroom near the door and used as a regular whiteboard and in the horrific occurrence of an attack can be moved into plate to stop anyone from coming into the classroom with their high quality heavy duty wheels it can lock into place making the classroom essentially bulletproof.

Just like all the other Ballistic products we design and manufacture RTS Tactical confidently stands behind the quality of our products and ensures nothing but 100% satisfaction to our customers.

safeguarding your workplace, home, house of worship, and schools is no longer a want, it's a necessity!

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