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Retro Rimless Steampunk UV400 Sunglasses

Retro Rimless Steampunk UV400 Sunglasses

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Introducing the Retro Rimless Steampunk UV400 Sunglasses, a perfect fusion of style and functionality for the fashion-forward cycling enthusiast. With a sleek and trendy design, these road bike sunglasses boast a rimless construction and a chic gold alloy frame, making a bold statement in any outdoor setting.

The lenses, crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, come in an array of striking colors including Black, Green, Blue, Transparent, Grey, and Tea, ensuring both a personalized look and optimum protection. The lens dimensions of 133mm in width and 46mm in height, combined with UV400 optical attributes, guarantee comprehensive shielding against harmful UV rays.

Not just a fashion accessory, these sunglasses are equipped with versatile features. The rimless design, Steampunk Sun Glasses aesthetics, and frameless construction add an extra flair to your outdoor cycling experience. The Retro Rimless Steampunk UV400 Sunglasses also provide practical benefits such as sunscreen protection, anti-vertigo capabilities, and anti-UV functionality, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.

With a unisex appeal, the eyewear is suitable for both men and women, embracing a unifying sense of style. The temples, measuring 138mm in length, and the 20mm nose bridge width contribute to a comfortable and secure fit during extended wear.

Certified for excellence in design and crafted with attention to detail, these sunglasses cater to the demands of the modern cyclist. Embrace the intersection of trendy, retro fashion and cutting-edge technology with the

Retro Rimless Steampunk UV400 Sunglasses, your go-to accessory for a stylish and protected cycling experience.

Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Frame Material: Metal
Lens Features: UV Protection
Polarization Type: Non-Polarized

Product Size:
Total Width: 133mm (5.24inch)
Lens Width: 57mm (2.24inch)
Lens Height: 46mm (1.81inch)
Nose Bridge Width: 20mm (0.79inch)
Temples Length: 138mm (5.43inch)

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