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PTS Awareness Month - For the Love of a Veteran

PTS Awareness Month - For the Love of a Veteran

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For the Love of a Veteran is a 501(c)(3) public charity, with the objective of aiding deployed troops and veterans. This organization was founded in 2013 by Christine, who comes from a family with a strong military background, with many of her relatives having served in the armed forces of our nation. Her desire to serve was sparked when her son joined the United States Army and was deployed to Afghanistan for a year.

Her Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology & Organizational Behavior from Albright College has given her an understanding of the stress of deployment and PTS, as well as the challenges that soldiers face when they come back home. Christine has an unwavering passion for all branches of our Armed Forces and advocates for those who have sacrificed for our country. According to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, 22 veterans die by suicide every day, not including active-duty service members. Christine is dedicated to three programs: Packages for the deployed, Backpacks for Homeless & at risk Veterans, and raising awareness about PTS through For the Love of a Veteran, Inc.

Christine discovered through a source, a treatment for PTS called Stellate Ganglion Block, or SGB for short, in June 2021. She established a new program called Helping Heroes Heal, which has become her passion and mission to save lives, one Veteran at a time.

Show your support for this amazing organization with our newest Limited Edition and do your part to help those who defend our Liberty!

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