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Protection Group Denmark

Protection Group Denmark Level IIIA Special Operations Forces Ballistic Helmet

Protection Group Denmark Level IIIA Special Operations Forces Ballistic Helmet

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Protection Group Denmark Level IIIA Special Operations Forces Ballistic Helmet

**Due to the high demand of this product, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

*This Bullet Proof Helmet Can Be Shipped Internationally! 

The Special Operations Forces helmet, also called SOF, is a ballistic helmet designed with high cut for special operations, providing space for communication equipment and hearing protection. Check out this guide to find out why this should be your helmet of choice. 

With a weight of only 1.15kg/2.53 lbs. for a SOF ballistic helmet in size large, you will get one of the market's absolute lightest ballistic helmets in NIJ level 3A. According to NIJ standard 0101.06 they have tested our SOF ballistic helmet against a .44 magnum and .357 SIG.

It is made of 100% Kevlar aramid from Dupont and is V50 tested at 720 m/s according to STANAG 2920. This ensures you a ballistic helmet that stops fragments and splinters. The V50 value for the SOF ballistic helmet is higher than their other helmets (PASGT and MICH) because the high cut allows them to add more layers of aramid. In addition, the helmet is also EN397 certified against shock absorption in head and neck so the helmet provides maximum protection against impacts.

Bulletproof helmets from Protection Group Denmark are designed to reduce the area affected by the impact of the helmet. A helmet that follows the industry standard affects an area of ​​130 mm and provides a deep impact. Helmets from PGD only affects up to 75mm and gives a dent in the helmet that is up to 50% smaller than the industry standard. It can be the crucial difference between life and death.

Revolutionary 10-Pad System

The ballistic helmet comes with our revolutionary 10-pad system (soft foam), which makes the ballistic helmet comfortable to wear. At the same time, the padding system also protects against blunt force trauma from bullet hits. The 10-pad system also ensures that air can circulate, so you can wear the ballistic helmet for long periods of time.

(Picture of Memory Foam Pad)


The SOF ballistic helmet comes with a durable tightening system with support in the neck that can be adjusted. It is possible to buy and upgrade to a PGD dial, which is a tensioning system in the neck where you turn on a wheel until the helmet is tightened.

Product Features and Specifications:
  • 4H clamping system. Upgrade to BOA FIT clamping system
  • 7 Memory Foam Pads. Upgrade to 10-pad helmet liner
  • NIJ IIIA mod .44 magnum and .357 SIG (NIJ IIIA)
  • V50 tested at 720 m/s according to STANAG 2920
  • 50% BFD reduction mod 9 mm (HPW-TP-0401.01B IIIA)
  • 100% Kevlar aramid from Dupont
  • 1.1-1.2 kilos (Depending on size)
  • Sizes L and XL

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