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Protect The Force

Protect the Force T-COG Outer Concealed Plate Carrier

Protect the Force T-COG Outer Concealed Plate Carrier

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Soft Armor Package

Protect the Force T-COG Outer Concealed Plate Carrier


**Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 weeks!

*Please note: This product does not include armor plate inserts. If you would like to order plates, please select one of the add-on options above, if available. You may also purchase armor inserts separately here.

  • TacticalConvert your regular concealed vest into a tactical carrier with a fully-fledged MOLLE system, which also gives you a more professional image.
  • DurableMade from 500D Cordura, this carrier is more than a match for the day-to-day wear and tear you’d expect it to go through. This is important because it prevents the effectiveness of your vest being compromised.
  • MOLLE SystemKeep everything just where you like it for quick-and-easy access in an emergency situation, which could save you valuable seconds when it counts.

Convert your concealed vest into a fully-fledged tactical outer vest. You’ll benefit from a tactical MOLLE system, which allows you to move your pockets, pouches and accessories around as you see fit so that you can gain rapid access to them. Additionally you’ll benefit from better weather resistance and avoid damaging your concealed vest by exposing it to the elements.

Safety features include a reinforced drag handle which allows your colleagues to perform a rescue should you become injured, while you supply cover fire to keep them safe and keep the threat at bay.

Product Features:
  • Accommodates 8x10 and 10x12 hard armor plates. 
  • Constructed of durable 500D Cordura
  • Body side ballistic panel loading with suspension system.
  • Heavy duty webbing drag handle.
  • Detachable groin, bicep protection, lower lumbar protection, lower abdomen protection
  • Concealed ballistic panels
  • Mission specific pouches
  • Standard and custom ID placards.
Armor Protection Levels


Threat Level: II
9MM / 357 Magnum
357 Sig. / 44 Magnum
357 Sig. / 44 Magnum
Areal Density: .88 lbs/ft² 1.05 lbs/ft² 1.57 lbs/ft²
Thinness: .18" .23" .35"
V-50 Protective Rating: 9MM - 1761 FPS
357 MAG - 1707 FPS
357 SIG - 1917 FPS
44 MAG - 1733 FPS
357 SIG - 1917 FPS
44 MAG - 1733 FPS
Special Threat Tested: YES YES NO
Fragmentation Protection: 2-Gr: 2874 fps
4-Gr: 2640 fps
16-Gr: 2224 fps
64-Gr: 1750 fp

Sizing Chart
Size Front Length Back Length Girth
XS 11.25 13.5 29
S 11.75 14 33
M 12.25 14.5 37
L 12.75 15 41
X 13.25 15.5 45
2XL 13.75 16 49
3XL 14.25 16.5 53
4XL 14.75 17 57
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