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PPSS Group

PPSS Group Overt Stab Resistant Vest

PPSS Group Overt Stab Resistant Vest

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PPSS Group Overt Stab Resistant Vest

* Due to recent developments lead times are pinned at 2-5 weeks

***IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product ALL SALES FINAL.


Overt stab-resistant vests made by PPSS Group are worn over your existing clothing and effectively help protect the wearer against attacks from edged weapons.

They also offer unrivaled and 100% reliable protection from hypodermic needles as well as blunt force trauma, which can lead to organ failure, irreparable injuries, and long term disability.

Please note the outer covers of these overt stab-resistant vests are made out of highly durable Cordura® fabric and feature two large box pockets and front zip fastening.

They can be put on or taken off within a very few seconds. Additional radio loops, docks for body-worn video solutions, and Velcro identification badges can be added upon request.

Features and Benefits:
  • Inner Material: 5mm thin polycarbonate sheets, molded to the upper body shape
  • Outer Material: Highly durable nylon fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder and side straps
  • High-tech spacer fabric providing the highest level of comfort when worn in hot and humid environments
  • Encapsulated reflective tape – complies with BS EN 471:2003
  • Full front YKK zip for ease of removing and putting on the vest
  • Tested and certified to CAST Knife Resistance Standard KR1
  • Tested and certified to NIJ Std 0115.00 Threat Level 1
  • Excellent level of protection from a kick, punch, or blow – or blunt objects such as pieces of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc.
  • Excellent level of protection from narrower blades and hypodermic needles
  • Impact Resistance: 24 Joules – 7mm Maximum Penetration
  • Sizes: XS – 4XL
  • Weight 2.3KG (6 lbs)
Sizing Chart
Size Chest Stomach
Small 32-35 inch 27-33 inch
Medium 36-39 inch 32-36 inch
Large 40-43 inch 36-39 inch
X-Large 44-47 inch 40-44 inch
2X-Large 48-51 inch 44-47 inch
3X-Large 52-55 inch 48-52 inch
4X-Large 56-59 inch 52-57 inch

The chart above is a guide for you to establish which size vest you will fit best. Find your chest measurement by measuring yourself the whole way around across the chest, at nipple height. The stomach measurement is to be measured across the stomach, crossing over your belly button.

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