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PPSS Group

PPSS Group Covert Stab Resistant Body Armour

PPSS Group Covert Stab Resistant Body Armour

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PPSS Group Covert Stab Body Armour

*Due to recent developments lead times are pinned at 2-5 weeks

***IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product ALL SALES FINAL.

PPSS Group's next generation of stab resistant body armour not only provides protection against knife attacks and stabbings but now affords protection from spikes, improvised weapons and blunt force trauma.

All officially tested and certified in accordance with international standards.

PPSS Group's body armour mitigates risks according to our collective experience of over 100 years within security, police, armed forces and corrections, as well as the evolving challenges faced by front-line officers today.

Not sure how to choose the right concealable vest for you? Read on this article to find out more. 

Based on many years of operational frontline experience and extensive research, PPSS Group can only stress that an impact based assault in most countries is more likely and frequent than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. Nevertheless, blunt force trauma injuries can lead to organ failure, irreparable injuries, and long term disability.

Please note the outer covers for these covert stab-resistant vests are made out of the lightest available materials to further aid concealability. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Protects all the vital organs
  • Ergonomically cast for comfort and fit
  • Redesigned for quick donning
  • Will not degrade unlike other body armour materials
  • Improved, advanced materials that will withstand impact from today's realistic threats
  • Zipless design to avoid risk of removal and central weak point.
  • For wide fit covers, please go up a size. 

Protective Panel:
3.6mm thin Fortiply, our advanced carbon fibre composite

Outer Cover:
Extremely durable and of extreme quality our covers are made a high grade nylon; featuring our high-tech spacer fabric providing the ultimate level of comfort and allowing cool air to circulate around the body.

Fully adjustable hook & loop side and shoulder fastenings Hook & Loop patches front and rear for applying badges
2 x Universal Radio Docks as standard.

Sizes S – 3XL (‘Wide’ fitting also available at no additional cost)
Weight (inc' panel) 1.75kg (based on size ‘Large’)
Care & Maintenance Panel easily removed to allow for machine washing of outer cover
Colour Black
Place of Manufacture UK

Sizing Chart

Size Chest Stomach
Small 32-35 inch 27-33 inch
Medium 36-39 inch 32-36 inch
Large 40-43 inch 36-39 inch
X-Large 44-47 inch 40-44 inch
2X-Large 48-51 inch 44-47 inch
3X-Large 52-55 inch 48-52 inch
4X-Large 56-59 inch 52-57 inch

The chart above is a guide for you to establish which size vest you will fit best. Find your chest measurement by measuring yourself the whole way around across the chest, at nipple height. The stomach measurement is to be measured across the stomach, crossing over your belly button.

Fitting the Body Armour

For protection against higher-threat levels, make sure to check out our Bulletproof Vests, Plate Carriers, and other Body Armor gear collection. 

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