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Ops-Core NFMI Eearplug Kit

Ops-Core NFMI Eearplug Kit

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NFMI Ear Plug Kit, when used in conjunction with the AMP Headset preserves the 3D Hear Through Technology and the other features of the Standard Variant, while also adding the capability to use wireless, battery-less Near Field Magnetic Induction earplugs. By using a control on the side of the headset, the end-user can transfer the audio channels to the NFMI earplugs, which require no separate power source, and instead are wireless powered by the headset itself, doubling up on hearing protection and increasing the AMP’s NRR to 34 dB when used together. When doubled up hearing protection is not required, the NFMI variant can still be used without the earplugs like the Standard variant.


  • The Ops-Core® Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Earplugs provide increased noise reduction, while maintaining clear communications and 3D Hear-Through, when used with NFMI enabled Ops-Core headsets.
  • Do not need batteries, recharging, or any wired connection. When engaged, the NFMI earplug will seamlessly integrate for clear communication.
  • The kit ships with standard, slim, and large Comply foam tips, to accommodate a wide variety of users.

  • Noise Protection Rating

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