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Ops-Core Force-on-Force Mandible

Ops-Core Force-on-Force Mandible

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This product is built-to-order and quality-tested. Lead times can take up to 120 days (subject to change).
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Ops-Core Force-on-Force Mandible will Protect Your Face While Training

  • The Force-on-Force Mandible ensures maximum protection for your face, neck and head.
  • The Ops-Core helmet mandible can be worn in conjunction with an Ops-Core Step-In® Visor or APEL goggle substitute.
  • This remarkable product boasts a robust polymer frame that can withstand blunt force impacts.
  • Accommodating soft armor allows an easier time achieving your ideal cheek or chin weld.

Features of the Force-on-Force Mandible

  • This product is compatible with an Ops-Core helmet system or a model with Ops-Core ARC Rails for convenient use.
  • Flexible Armor allows you to easily acquire a firm and steady cheek weld.
  • Soft Armor with breathable technology greatly reduces fogging of your protective eyewear.
  • With its full face, side of the head, and neck coverage, this impact protection offers you maximum security from UTM and blunt impacts.
  • A removable neck skirt is a perfect solution to adjust and customize your coverage.
  • Fore-aft and vertically adjustable
  • Optimized for use with Ops-Core Step-In Visor (not included)

Specifications of Ops-Core Mandible

Ballistic Resistance: RTP 7.62 x 51mm UTM round at 375 fps

Blunt Impact Resistance: 3 impacts at speed of 8.66 fps


Will this mandible work with my helmet?

This helmet is compatible with any of the Ops-Core helmets or any Atomic Defense helmets.

What other ballistic mandibles are available?

We also offer the FAST Ballistic Mandible which provides a lightweight, low-profile option that offers protection against both ballistic and blunt force impacts for those who use Ops-Core® FAST helmets with Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Rails and Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Shims. The Ops-Core ballistic mandible is suitable for ground, maritime, and mobility operations, and is designed to protect the face from 9mm threats and fragmentation.


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