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Ops-Core Force-On-Force Mandible

Ops-Core Force-On-Force Mandible

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The Ops-Core® Force-on-Force Mandible offers full facial protection to all Ops-Core helmets or any helmets equipped with Ops-Core ARC Rails. Designed for use during force-on-force training, the Forceon-Force Mandible provides protection from UTM and Simunition rounds in a low profile, lightweight form factor. While the durable polymer frame provides blunt impact protection, the conforming soft armor allows the user to obtain a solid cheek weld on their rifle, and train as they fight. The Force-on-Force Mandible provides complete neck, side of head and facial coverage when used in conjunction with the Ops-Core Step-In® Visor or APEL goggle alternative. The mandible’s breathable mesh provides natural ventilation while helping to prevent overheating and reduce lens fogging. The Force-on-Force Mandible is one-size-fits-all, fore-aft and vertically adjustable, and easily attaches to any Ops-Core ARC Rail.


  • Compatible with any Ops-Core helmet system or helmet equipped with Ops-Core ARC Rails
  • Flexible Armor provides the ability to obtain a solid cheek weld
  • Breathable Soft Armor reduces fogging
  • Provides full face, side of head and neck UTM and blunt impact protection
  • Removable neck skirt to scale coverage
  • Fore-aft and vertically adjustable
  • Optimized for use with Ops-Core Step-In Visor (not included)
  • Compatible with any Ops-Core helmet system or helmet equipped with Ops-Core ARC Rails


  • Ballistic Resistance: RTP 7.62 x 51mm UTM round at 375 fps
  • Blunt Impact Resistance: 3 impacts at speed of 8.66 fps
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