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Ops-Core XR Ballistic High Cut FAST Tactical Helmet System

Ops-Core XR Ballistic High Cut FAST Tactical Helmet System

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The FAST XR in Tan 499 is usually available for immediate shipping
Other helmets are built-to-order and quality-tested. Lead times can take up to 120 days (subject to change). Orders will ship sooner if available.

The Ops-Core® FAST XR helmet is part of the FAST ballistic protection helmet family. Its innovative, lightweight design resists penetration of up to a 7.62x39mm lead core round and protects against Level IIIA / HG2 Handgun projectiles and frag, at a weight of 2.81 lbs (Large). The FAST XR integrates into Ops-Core’s total head-borne system solutions which include situational awareness, optics, and respiratory protection.

XR Helmet Features & Specifications:

  • Lightweight design capable of resisting a 7.62x39mm lead core projectile.
  • High-cut, ballistic shell made of a hybrid composite of the most advanced carbon, unidirectional polyethylene, and woven Aramid.
  • High-cut shell geometry extends critical coverage over the rear occipital lobe without load carrier interference and optimizes weight distribution for increased stability, integration, balance, and improved comfort.
  • Low Profile Skeleton Rail system offers a lightweight mounting system for the head-borne ecosystem.
  • Molded liner features a proprietary recessed channel, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and the ability to doff and don the helmet without removing the headset.
  • Comes with Vented Lux Liner with Low Profile OCC-Dial, Right Eye Dominant (buckle on left).

    Characteristics, Coverage, & Weight:



    Coverage & Weight


    What's Included in the Box with the XR Helmet?

    1.  XR Helmet and Accessories (Pre-attached and assembled)
    2.  Free helmet bag
    3.  Spare padding set
    4.  Operator's Manual
    5.  Inspection Card

    Specifications of the Ops-Core XR FAST Helmet:

    Performance Specification: In accordance with Gentex PS1519

    NIJ Standards: NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA (9mm FMJ / 44mag @ 1,400 ft/s) Threats

    Fragmentation Protection:

    • 2 - Grain RCC @ 5,300 FPS & 1,615 MS
    • 16 - Grain RCC @ 3,315 FPS & 1,010 MS
    • 17 - Grain FSP @ 3,250 FPS & 991 MS
    • 64 - Grain RCC @ 2,210 FPS & 674 MS

    Resistance to Penetration: 

    • 7.62mm x 23mm SJLC, 86 gr
    • 7.62mm x 39mm LC, 123 gr
    • .40S&W GDHP, 180 gr

    Blunt Impact Protection: <150 G’s at 10 ft/s per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007

    Compression Testing: Top-Bottom = .020” (0.51 mm) Max @ 400 lbs. (181.44 kg), Side-Side = .125” (3.18 mm) Max @ 300 lbs. (136.08 kg) lbs. per MICH Type II FQ/PD 06-35C: 2013

    Environmental Resistance: Temperature -Storage and Operating at Ambient, Cold -60° F (-51° C), and Hot +160° F (71° C), Temperature Shock, Flame Resistance, Altitude, Vibration, Seawater, Field Agent Resistance, Weatherometer per ACH CO/PD 05-04:2007

    Shell Construction: Two-Stage Non-Slit

    Available Sizes: Medium (M), Large (L), X-Large (XL), XX-Large (XXL)

    Shell Thickness: 0.280”(M) 0.290” (L/XL/XXL)

    Shell Geometry (Curvature): FAST (Aka Modern High Cut or Super High Cut)

    Cut Style (Side Protection): High Cut

    Shell Sizing & Coverage: Medium (M) 142in² (916 cm² ), Large (L) 154in² (994cm²), X-Large (XL) 167in² (1077cm²), XX-Large (XXL) 176 in² (1135cm²)

    Shell Weight: Medium (M) 1.57lbs (713g), Large (L) 1.72lbs (780g), X-Large (XL) 1.89lbs (856g), XX-Large (XXL) 1.97lbs (894g)

    System Weight: Medium (M) 2.68lbs (1214g), Large (L) 2.81lbs (1275g), X-Large (XL) 3.02lbs (1370g), XX-Large (XXL) 3.11lbs (1409g)

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