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Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy | High Cut Ballistic Helmet

Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy | High Cut Ballistic Helmet

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This model has been discontinued. (Purchasing this model will now purchase the product linked in the next sentence.) Please see our other Ops-Core FAST XP option here: Ops-Core FAST XP Tactical High Cut Helmet

Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy Helmet; Get the Best Protection and Comfort

  • The Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy Helmet provides superior protection and comfort.
  • The helmet features an Ops-Core® 3-Point Skeleton™ Shroud for universal compatibility and easy attachment with most accessories.
  • It has been tested ensuring maximum protection in a lightweight package.
  • With four suspension/retention options available the FAST XP Legacy can be customized to suit any mission need.
  • Its raised ear-cut design allows for integration with communications headsets for even greater versatility in battlefield operations.

Ops-Core High Cut XP Legacy Features

  • Engineered for optimal strength and protection, this high cut shell features a powerful hybrid composite of carbon, unidirectional polyethylene, and woven aramid.
  • With its raised ear cut, this product offers effortless compatibility with communication headsets.
  • This helmet features an Ops-Core® 3-Point Skeleton™ Shroud for compatibility with a variety of NVG mounts, Accessory Rail Connectors (ARCs) along with hook bungees and external VELCRO® brand loop.
  • The design of the Ops-Core FAST XP High Cut Helmet is highly scalable with the visors, mandibles, handgun face shields and many other ballistic attachments
Ops-Core XP FAST Legacy Helmet in use

FAST XP Helmet Specifications

  • Performance Specification: In accordance with Gentex PS-1063 Specification, Modified and Abbreviated US Army ACH Helmet CO/PD 05-04:2007 Specification
  • NIJ Standards: NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA (9mm FMJ @ 1,400 ft/s) Threat
  • Fragmentation Protection: In accordance with PS-1063 and MIL-STD-662F
Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy Helmet Fragmentation Chart
  • Suspension and Retention The Lux Liner offers full head protection with its one-piece impact layer and modular pads, built to protect against shockwave. It also comes in two secure retention options: the Worm Dial Fitband or the H-Nape 4-Point Chinstrap. Both are designed for comfort and convenience without sacrificing safety – especially when it comes to heavier NVGs (like a PVS-15 or ANVis 9) during strenuous activities!
  • Blunt Impact Protection: <150 G’s at 10 ft/s per ACH CO/PD 05-04:2007
  • Compression Testing: Top-Bottom = .020” (0.51 mm) Max @ 400 lbs. (181.44 kg), SideSide = .125” (3.18 mm) Max @ 300 lbs. (136.08 kg) per MICH Type II FQ/PD 06-35C: 2013
  • Environmental Resistance: Temperature -Storage and Operating at Ambient, Cold -60° F (-51° C), and Hot +160° F (71° C), Temperature Shock, Flame Resistance, Altitude, Vibration, Seawater, Field Agent Resistance, Weatherometer per ACH CO/PD 05-04:2007

Ops-Core XP Helmet FAQs

Will the Ops-Core XP Legacy Helmet stop a bullet?

The XP Helmet has been tested and certified according to the NIJ standards and will confidently stop a 9mm traveling at 1400 fps. It has also been tested for fragmentation protection, blunt impact protection, and compression testing.

How do I choose the size I want?

Ops-Core FASt XP Legacy sizing decider
Ops-Core FAST XP Legacy Helmet Sizing Chart
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