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Ops-Core FAST SX Helmet

Ops-Core FAST SX Helmet

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This model has been discontinued. (Purchasing this model will now purchase the product linked in the next sentence.) Please see our other Ops-Core FAST XP option here: Ops-Core FAST XP Tactical High Cut Helmet

Ops-Core FAST® SX Helmet System; Protect Yourself With The Optimal Helmet Solution

  • This Ops-Core Helmet is made of a ballistic shell made of a hybrid composite of Carbon and Woven Aramid.
  • This FAST Helmet meets key portions of Lightweight ACH (LWACH) helmet testing specifications (per AR PD 10-02).
  • High Cut and Lightweight helmet offering comfort and security.
  • Dedicated armor and mandible components are matched to High Cut Version.
  • Limited availability configured with EPP w/Occ-Dial® Fitband Suspension/Retention System.
  • Ops-Core ballistic helmets features a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) which reduces snag hazards and interference. Integrated carabiner clips improve NVG retention, stability, and reduce interference with rail-mounted accessories.
  • The Ops-Core FAST SX high-cut helmet is compatible with FAST Side Armor, FAST Visor, Gunsight Mandible, and Universal Step-In® Visor. 


The ballistic shell is constructed with a durable hybrid composite of Carbon and Woven Aramid, meeting the crucial requirements from Lightweight ACH (LWACH) helmet testing per AR PD 10-02. You can find it in our High Cut option, which also comes complete with dedicated armor and mandible components for perfect compatibility.

Equip yourself with the Ops-Core SX and its EPP w/Occ-Dial® Fitband Suspension/Retention System for limited availability. Featuring a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) to reduce snag hazards and interference. An integrated carabiner clip system improves NVG retention, and stability, and minimizes obstructions from rail-mounted accessories. FAST Side Armor, FAST Visor, Gunsight Mandible, and Universal Step-In® Visor are all compatible with this system.


Impact Testing: 150 g’s maximum @ 10 fps

Compression Testing: Top-Bottom = .020” Max @ 400 lbs., Side-Side = .125” Max @ 300 lbs.

Environmental Testing: Storage / Operating at ambient, cold -60° F, Hot +180° F, Altitude

Shell Construction: Non-Slitted

Shell Thickness: 0.290” (7.37 mm)

Shell Geometry (Curvature): FAST

Cut Style (Side Protection): High Cut

Available Colors: Tan 499, Black

Available Sizes: M, L, XL

Fragmentation Protection: 

Ops-Core FAST SX Fragmentation Protection

Shell Sizing & Coverage: 

Ops-Core FAST SX Sizing and Coverage

System Weight: 

Ops-Core FASt SX Helmet System Weight


Will this stop a bullet?

Experience the ultimate safety with Ops-Core FAST® SX Helmet System. This remarkable system is ingeniously crafted to protect you from 9mm and fragmentation projectiles. The shell is crafted from a blend of carbon fiber and Unidirectional Polyethylene that ensures both lightweight protection as well as superior durability.

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