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Ops-Core Carbon | FAST High Cut Helmet (Replaced)

Ops-Core Carbon | FAST High Cut Helmet (Replaced)

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This model has been discontinued. (Purchasing this model will now purchase the product linked in the next sentence.) Please see our other Ops-Core Carbon Bump option hereOps-Core FAST SF Carbon Composite Helmet System

Why you need the Ops-Core Carbon

• Enjoy maximum protection without sacrificing comfort with the Ops-Core FAST Bump

• Customize and personalize your Ops-Core Bump Helmet with 4 position ARCTM rails. integrated front NVG mount, and universal exterior loop lite pattern

• Feel safe knowing that your helmet will last for years with easy maintenance and care instructions

Features & Specifications of the Ops-Core FAST Carbon

  • Experience unparalleled protection with our light and flexible, non-ballistic shell crafted from unidirectional carbon fiber weave for ultimate strength.
  • With its robust carbon construction, this product is perfect for rough or hazardous environments. It offers protection from blunt trauma, so it's ideal for military training exercises, reconnaissance missions and water operations as well as rapid rope descent activities.
  • Featuring an Ops-Core Skeleton Shroud that is compatible with the majority of NVG mounts, as well as 4-position Ops-Core ARC Rails and exterior VELCRO® brand loop, this design provides exceptional versatility.
  • Perforations for improved air circulation and liquid drainage.
  • Featuring a single suspension/retention setting for added simplicity.

Carbon Ops-Core Helmet with description

Ops-Core Carbon Bump Characteristics

  • Impact Testing: Anvil x2 Impact @ 10 fps (3.04 m/s)
  • Environmental Testing: 150 Gs Low Temp/High Temp/Sea Water/Corrosion/Flame
  • Shell Construction: Two-stage Process: Six-Slit
  • Areal Density: N/A
  • Shell Thickness: 0.079” (2.00 mm)
  • Shell Geometry (Curvature): FAST Curvature
  • Cut Style (Side Protection): High Cut

Ops-Core Bump Carbon Helmet Characteristics

Suspension and Retension Options

The Fast Carbon High Cut Helmet offers convenience and comfort with its EPP Pads, Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap, Occ-Dial Fitband, as well as removable leather front, nape and side pads. This super high cut bump helmet provides a quick on/off option when donning or doffing communication headsets.

Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet Coverage & Weight

Sizes and Weight for Ops-Core Carbon Helmet

Coverages for Ops-Core Bump Carbon Helmet

Testing Protocols & Design:

  • Blunt Impact Protection: ‹150 G’s at 10 ft⁄s per ACH CO/PD 05-04:2007
  • Performance testing standards consist of blunt impact trials in hot, cold, and ambient temperatures. There is a compression strength assessment at various foot pounds and directions. They also include environmental experimentation under very cold settings, high-heat scenarios, and underwater immersion tests. This checks against saltwater resistance, corrosive protection, and flame retardancy.


Is this Bump Helmet Bulletproof?

FAST bump helmets offer unparalleled protection against blunt trauma, ideally designed for less extreme environments. The high-cut bump shell is engineered to secure your noggin while delivering unsurpassed comfort and convenience. Although it may not be bulletproof, you can trust this high-cut helmet to keep you safe.

What NVG Mounts Work on This Bump Helmet?

The skeleton rails allow USGI Rhino Mount, Norotos AKA2, INVG, Wilcox L4 G24, L4 G01 L4 G02, L4 G21, and L4G29 mounting.

A pair of Night Vision Goggles (NVG) attached to an Ops-Core Bump Helmet

Who uses this Bump Helmet?

Ops-Core Maritime Bump Helmets are essential for a variety of professionals - from first responders to military personnel and athletes. This helmet has been tested to protect users from blunt force trauma but it is not a ballistic helmet. Such situations include drug raids, hostage scenarios, or barricaded suspects. This ensures SWAT teams have the extra protection required during these dangerous missions.

Utilized by EMS personnel for various operations and scenarios, this helmet offers optimal protection without diminishing their visibility or comfort. Search and rescue, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials - they can all be done safely with this resilient helmet. Base jumpers also rely on its superior head defense against blunt trauma forces to stay safe during high-altitude jumps!


Carbon High Cut Helmets by Ops-Core being used by Military Personnel

For those daring enough to base jump, this piece of equipment is an absolute must. Its molded front NVG mount keeps night vision goggles or internal headband headsets safe and secure. It stays in place while free-falling, allowing for a smooth transition between jumps.

Additionally, accessories can easily be detached to switch out attachments with ease and comfort. With its advanced protection capabilities, any base jumper can feel confident knowing they are adequately safeguarded during the death-defying sport!

With the Ops-Core base jump helmet, you get unbeatable protection without compromising comfort or convenience. Customizing fit and air vents make it the ideal choice for extensive jumps. Its ultra-lightweight construction helps ensure maximum agility when performing jumps.

You can stay safe knowing that your visibility is never at risk thanks to this high-quality helmet.

Benefits of Wearing this Helmet:

The Ops-Core FAST Carbon Bump Helmet is a perfect solution for those seeking dependable headgear without compromising safety. It offers unparalleled protection and performance in less extreme conditions, while also being lightweight yet sturdy. The package comes complete with 4 position ARCTM rails. This includes an integrated front NVG mount and universal exterior loop lite pattern for more options to customize the helmet.

Invest in this high-quality Ops-Core super high-cut bump to ensure comfort and safety. Featuring outstanding characteristics and specifications, this helmet will surpass your expectations with its high-cut shell! Take advantage of its convenience as well as safety today by getting yours now!

Ops-Core Carbon Helmet being used in a military setting

How to Care for Your Ops-Core Carbon Bump Helmet:

Taking care of your bump helmet is simple and straightforward. Utilize a damp cloth with mild detergent to clean the shell. Avoid using any cleaning products that contain alcohol or solvents as they can harm it. Let the helmet air dry before storing it in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight and concerning temperatures.

To preserve your helmet long-term, make sure it is clean and dry. Additionally, regularly inspect for signs of damage to guarantee its effectiveness while you explore on your next adventure! With the right care and maintenance, this helmet can provide lasting protection and performance no matter what journey lies ahead!

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