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Ops-Core Bump Helmet | FAST Base Jump High-Cut

Ops-Core Bump Helmet | FAST Base Jump High-Cut

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Why Investing In An Ops-Core Bump Helmet Is Worth It:

  • A reliable and durable jump helmet to keep your head safe from harm when you’re tackling tough jobs.
  • Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while still providing superior protection against impact.
  • It will provide you with the ultimate safety, comfort, and convenience when protecting your head due to its advanced technology and features


Ops-Core Bump FAST Base Jump Helmet Review

Introducing the Ops-Core Bump Helmet:

The Ops-Core Bump Helmet is an innovative and versatile piece of protective gear designed to provide head, front nape, and side protection in less extreme environments. This helmet is developed by Ops-Core and utilizes a non-ballistic high-cut shell made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon.

It is both lightweight and incredibly durable. It offers superior protection against blunt trauma forces with improved performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007 standards. It does this while also maintaining excellent ventilation and water drainage thanks to its vent holes.

Ops-core FAST Bump Helmet Features & Specs

  • The Ops-Core FAST Bump high-cut shell is designed for less extreme environments where ballistic threats are not a priority. The focus is on protection from blunt force trauma, where the primary need is for mission-configured components or training.
  • Features include molded front NVG mount, 4-position Ops-Core ARCTM Rails, Universal Exterior Loop Lite Pattern, and vent holes for increased ventilation and water drainage.
  • Improved blunt impact performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007.
  • Non-ballistic high-cut shell provides a low-cost alternative to the FAST Carbon.
  • Includes EPP with Occ Dial Fitband Suspension Retention option with chin cup and right eye dominant (buckle on the left).
  • Includes Ops Core Helmet Bag.
  • Meets requirements of BS EN 1385:2012 & Ops-Core PS 1145 standards

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Ops-Core Bump Helmet FAQ

Is this Bump Helmet Bulletproof?

The Ops-Core Bump Helmet is not bulletproof. However, it does provide superior protection against blunt force trauma, which makes it ideal for most non-ballistic environments. It is designed to provide the ultimate safety, comfort, and convenience when protecting your head. 

What NVG Mounts Work on This Bump Helmet?

USGI Rhino Mount, Norotos AKA2, INVG, Wilcox L4 G24, L4 G01 L4 G02, L4 G21, L4G29 

What's Included in the Box?

  1.  Bump Helmet and Accessories
  2.  Free helmet bag
  3.  Spare padding set
  4.  Operator's Manual
  5.  Inspection Card

Who uses the FAST Bump Helmet?

The Ops-Core Maritime Bump Helmet is used by a variety of professions. this includes first responders, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and athletes. It has been tested and certified for use in hazardous environments where blunt trauma protection is needed.

A SWAT team uses this helmet in hazardous environments where ballistic threats are not a priority. Examples include drug raids, hostage situations, barricaded suspects, and other dangerous situations that require extra protection from blunt forces.

EMS personnel use this helmet for various operations and scenarios, including search and rescue, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials. With all of its features, this EMS helmet provides personnel with maximum protection without sacrificing comfort or visibility.

This helmet is an invaluable piece of protective gear for base jumpers. This high-cut helmet has been specially designed with the base jumper in mind, providing superior protection against blunt trauma forces.

Base jumpers can also benefit from its molded front NVG mount, which keeps night vision goggles or a headset with internal headbands securely in place during freefall jumps. Accessories can also detach to allow convenient swapping for other attachments. Base jumpers who invest in this advanced equipment can rest assured, knowing they are well-protected while undertaking their extreme sport.

The Ops-Core base jump helmet offers reliable coverage without compromising comfort or convenience thanks to its adjustable fit and vent holes. This allows base jumpers to focus on having an enjoyable experience without worrying about their safety or visibility. Its ultra-lightweight construction also makes it easy for base jumpers to enjoy maximum agility when executing jumps. This helps them stay safe by avoiding potential hazards along the way.

Bump Helmet by Ops-Core Performance Specification and Shell Construction:

The High-Cut Bump Helmet offers superior protection against blunt trauma forces with improved performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007 standards. It features nape and side pads for comfort, and it also has a FAST curvature design for maximum protection and an areal density rating of 0.098” (2.50 mm). The high-cut shell is lightweight yet incredibly durable, making it perfect for less extreme environments.


Areal Density, Shell Thickness, and Shell Geometry of the High-Cut Bump Helmet:

This helmet features an injection molded glass-filled nylon shell with a thickness of 0.098” (2.50 mm) and FAST curvature design for maximum protection. It has an areal density rating of 0.098” (2.50 mm) and square coverage in the following sizes: Medium (S/M*) 157.6 in2 (1018 cm2), Large (M/L*) 168.9 in2(1095 cm2), X-Large (L/XL*) 184.4 in2(1192 cm2). 


Cut Style of the Ops-Core FAST Bump Helmet:

It features a high-cut style design that provides superior side protection while also allowing for excellent ventilation and water drainage. The helmet also meets or exceeds the requirements of BS EN 1385: 2012 and OPS Core PS-1145 standards.

Benefits of Wearing this Helmet:

The Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Base Jump Helmet System provides unsurpassed protection and performance in less extreme environments. It is lightweight yet durable and comes with 4 position ARCTM rails: a molded front NVG mount, and a universal exterior loop lite pattern for greater customization options. Thus making it an excellent choice for adventurers looking for reliable headgear that doesn’t compromise safety.

By investing in the Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Base Jump Helmet System you can rest assured that your head is protected from any danger without sacrificing comfort. With its great features and specifications, this helmet is sure to exceed your expectations. Get yours today and experience the convenience and safety of the Ops-Core FAST Bump Helmet! 

How to Care for Your Ops-Core Bump Helmet:

Caring for your bump helmet is simple and easy. Clean the helmet with a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove dirt, dust, or other debris from the surface. Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol or solvents as these may damage the shell. After cleaning, allow it to air dry before storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

If you need to store your helmet for long periods, ensure it is clean and dry beforehand. It's also recommended to regularly check for signs of wear and tear to ensure that your helmet continues to perform at its best. With proper care and maintenance, this helmet will provide lasting protection and performance no matter where your adventures take you!

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