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Ops-Core Counterweight | w/ Pouch & Weights | All Colors Available

Ops-Core Counterweight | w/ Pouch & Weights | All Colors Available

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Ops-Core Counterweight System; Balance Your Helmet with Rear Mounting Technology

  • This custom-made Ops-core weight management system aids in attaining a higher level of comfort and alleviating neck strain.
  • Kit Includes (5) 70g removable weights and (5) elastic pockets.
  • The total weight system is 0.85 lbs (385g).
  • Elastic pockets can stretch to fit (2) weights or (1) weight and (1) battery (AA, AAA, or 123).
  • Easily affix a rear helmet mount with the custom anchors and longer ballistic screws included in your purchase. These special screws fit perfectly into existing holes in your current helmet for a secure, reliable attachment.
  • A secure and stable fit is guaranteed with the Rear VELCRO® brand fastener attachment, eliminating any motion or shifting.
  • This helmet attachment is crafted to last.
  • Compatible with Sentry and FAST helmets.
  • Multicam is aftermarket and does not come with bolts.  Use your helmet's existing bolts or contact our customer support.
  • Colors available: Urban Tan, Foliage Green, Multicam, and Black

NVG Helmet Counterweight Features

The Ops-Core Counterweight Kit is a remarkable system for weight management and storage. This adjustable, lightweight kit includes five 70g removable weights that comfortably fit into the elastic pockets on Helmets outfitted with Ops-Core ARC Rails - all this weighing just 0.85 lbs!

Not only does each pocket stretch to hold one or two of these weights but also batteries such as AA, AAA, or 123 types for dual-purpose storage so you can have your essentials at arm's reach when needed.

Specifically designed for FAST series helmets, the Counterweight Kit is easily attachable using custom anchors and longer ballistic screws that fit into existing helmet holes. Plus, it's just as simple to remove and re-attach when necessary.

The kit also includes a chem light window and a Velcro patch for Glint Tape to ensure visibility during low-light IFF environments. Securely fastened on the back of your helmet with a hook Velcro attachment, this counterweight pouch assembly provides all you need in one complete package!

OPS-core counterweight attached to helmet with NVGs night vision goggles

Night vision counter weights are an essential accessory to ensure comfort while wearing a helmet with night vision goggles. Counterweight systems such as the Ops-Core model can prevent the helmet from falling forward.

Due to their low profile design and secure Velcro attachment and rear bolts for maximum stability. This is one of the most reliable counterweight pouches on the market today!

FAQs for NVG Counterweight

Will this be able to Counterweigh my Night Vision Goggles?

The average weight of Night Vision Goggles is right around 300 grams. All the weights included in this ballistic helmet counterweight kit come out to 350 grams, which will support most NVGs.

What is included in the box?

  • Counterweight Pouch
  • (5) Lead Weights 
  • (2) 24mm Bolts
  • (2) 17.5mm Bolts
  • (2) Screw to Pouch Adapters
  • Instruction Manual
  • **Multicam color does not include bolts, please use your helmet's existing bolts.
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