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NFMI Earplugs by Ops-Core | Case & All Tip Sizes Included | Comfortable Hearing Protection

NFMI Earplugs by Ops-Core | Case & All Tip Sizes Included | Comfortable Hearing Protection

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Get Crystal Clear Communication With NFMI Earplugs By Ops-Core

  • The Ops-Core Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Earplugs offer enhanced noise reduction while maintaining clear communication and 3D Hear-Through functionality when paired with NFMI-enabled Ops-Core headsets.
  • These Ops-Core NFMI earplugs require no batteries, charging, or wires for connection. It will seamlessly integrate and facilitate clear communication.
  • Personal comfort is necessary for in-ear protection. The kit comes with standard, slim, and large foam tips to meet the needs of a wide range of users. 

These Ops-Core/Gentex NFMI Earplugs are meticulously crafted to preserve natural hearing and sound localization when used with AMP headsets and comms. Adding communication headsets like the Ops-Core AMP NFMI Headset improves your in-field experience. These offer the ability to hear and communicate while protecting your hearing from harmful sounds like gunshots and machinery.

Ops-Core NFMI Earplugs Review

Ops-Core NFMI Features

  • NOISE PROTECTION - These earplugs alone offer incredible ear protection from piercing sounds, with a Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 30dB. This means it will take noises that otherwise would cause hearing damage, like a gunshot or helicopter, and block out 30dB of the sound to protect your ears. If these are used in conjunction with an Ops-Core AMP Headset this increases the NRR to 34dB
  • BATTERY-LESS OPERATION FOR CONVENIENCE - The NFMI earplug doesn't require batteries, a wired connection, or recharging. It integrates smoothly to ensure clear communication once activated. These earplugs feature battery-less operation, meaning no need to worry about batteries, recharging, or any wired connection. This ensures seamless integration and crystal-clear communication when activated.
  • UNPARALLED COMFORT - To ensure comfort while using in-ear protection, the kit includes foam tips in standard, slim, and large sizes to cater to different users.
Ops-Core NFMI Earplugs

NFMI In-Ear Protection FAQ

Will these work with other brands' NFMI hearing protection enabled for NFMI?

Yes, these Ops-Core NFMI ear plugs will work with other headsets that are near-field magnetic induction enabled.  

Will these NFMI Ops-Core Earplugs fit my ears?

Yes, you'll be happy to know that the kit includes standard, slim, and large foam tips to accommodate a wide variety of users. These foam tips are designed to ensure personal comfort while providing optimal protection.

They're made of foam tips to accommodate the shape of your ear canal for a secure fit. So, whether you have small or large ear canals, you can be confident that these earplugs will fit comfortably and protect your hearing from harmful noise. And, because these earplugs are designed to work seamlessly with NFMI-enabled Ops-Core headsets, you can be sure you'll get crystal-clear communication and 3D Hear-Through functionality without sacrificing protection.

What is included in the box?

  • NFMI Earplugs (Left and Right)
  • Carrying Case
  • Pre-attached Tether String
  • (1) Large Ear Tips (Left and Right)
  • (1) Standard Ear Tips (Left and Right)
  • (1) Slim Ear Tips (Left and Right)
  • Instruction Manual
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