N49 ULW Level IIIA HI-Cut Ballistic Bump Helmet

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The N49-Ultra-Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet provides ballistic protection at the weight and comfort of a bump helmet. The advanced design has boltless retention, available in the dial, or x-back as well as no thru-bolt rails which provide consistent ballistic protection from the shell. Designed with (UHMWPE) ballistic material at shell weight of just over 1 pound while featuring ballistic and blunt impact protection. The N49 comes standard with NVG mount, rails, bungees, exterior loop set, and D3O Trust Stealth suspension. The comfort and wearability afforded by the lightweight are paired with the high-cut design to allow easy integration with communication, hearing protection, gas masks, and goggles.

Available in Black, Army Green, Soil


  • NIJ Threat Level
    • NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0.108.01 Level IIIA Threats (9mm FMJ/44 mag @ 1400-1450 ft/sec)
  • Fragmentation Testing
    • Tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 2920 
    • 17 gr .22 caliber FSP V50 ≥ 2200 ft/sec (670 m/sec)
  • Blunt Impact Testing
    • Meets ACH Blunt Impact requirements
  • Suspension Systems 
    • D3O Trust Stealth Pad System (7 or 9 Pads)
    • Epic Air Pad System
  • Retention Systems:
    • Dial Retention System