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My Medic™

My Medic ZZIPS Cut Kit

My Medic ZZIPS Cut Kit

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My Medic ZZIPS Cut Kit

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The revolutionary alternative to common sutures and stitches. The Zzips MedPack is a compact and portable all-in-one First Aid solution to treat cuts and lacerations where traditional sutures would be needed.

  • Easy Closure
  • Adjustable Hasps
  • Pain-Free Application
Product Specifications:
  • Height: 8 in Width: 5.1 in Depth: 2.2 in Weight: 46 g
  • Pain-Free Closure: Zzips technology pulls wounds together with little to no pain, and at a fraction of the hospital bill cost
  • Advanced Adhesive Quality adhesive keeps Zzips on, so you can experience optimal healing quickly
  • Adjustable & Comfortable Pull sides of Zzips tabs to tighten and close the wound. As you heal, you’re able to loosen tabs to add ointment

What's Inside:

  1. Bleed
    • Conforming Stretch Gauze - 2" gauze roll
      Prevents and treats chafing.
    • 4x4 Gauze Pad - For skin regimens & wound care.
    • Super Wrap 1"x15' - Lightweight compression bandage which sticks to itself.
  2. Topical
    • Antiseptic Wipe
  3. Tools and Devices
    • Gloves- 1 pair of disposable gloves
    • ZZIPS 2 Pack - Pack Contains:
      - 2 ZZIPS Devices
      - 1 Instruction for Use
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