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My Medic™

My Medic SuperSkin Bandage Med Pack

My Medic SuperSkin Bandage Med Pack

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My Medic SuperSkin Bandage Med Pack

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A compact and portable First Aid solution to treat minor cuts or scrapes. The best bandages you’ll ever use!

  • 10 Pack of individual use Med Packs that contain a 1x3 bandage, gauze, antiseptic towelette and triple antibiotic ointment
  • 4-Way stretch technology for ultimate comfort and flexibility
  • 5x stronger adhesive than the typical bandage
  • Aloe-infused pad to promote optimal healing, latex-free
Med Pack Specifications:
  • Height: 8 in Width: 6 in Depth: 2.2 in Weight: 90 g
Individual Bandage Pack Specifications:
  • Width: 2.6 in Height: 5.6 in Depth: 0.1 in Weight: 8 g

What's Inside:

  1. Bleed
    • 10 Single-Use Bandage Packs - Each bandage pack contains: 
      - 1 x 3" SuperSkin Bandage
      - Triple Antibiotic
      - 2 x 2" Gauze Pad
      - Antiseptic Towelette
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