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MultiPurpose Aluminum Self Defense Pen

MultiPurpose Aluminum Self Defense Pen

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MultiPurpose Aluminum Self Defense Pen

*Manufacturer's lead time 20-30 business days.

Sometimes all you have to protect yourself with is whatever is in your pocket. The MultiPurpose Self Defense Pen is designed as both a writing instrument, and a tool for both survival and self defense.

The aircraft grade aluminum built in through the design of this pen is made to help you in a number of situations, whether you need to protect yourself from someone trying to hurt you, or if you are trapped and need to break through glass or any other brittle material. Besides its protective properties it's also designed as an easy to write with and ergonomic pen.


  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Ergonomic design for easy writing
  • Dense top for self defense/survival purposes
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