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MH White Phosphor IIT (High FOM) - 11769 Paired Tubes

MH White Phosphor IIT (High FOM) - 11769 Paired Tubes

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Field of Merit (FOM)

MH series tubes are the highest spec 11769 tubes availble for purchase from Elbit Systems.  These tubes will allow you to upgrade your current NVG experience to the higheselt level of performace and clarity to be found in the Elbit lineup.  Need a build done contact us and we can put these tubes in any one of our offered systems.

This product is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or contact us for more Information.

  • MH Series
  • 11769 White Phospor Format tubes. 
  • Resolution minimum 72-81 line pair
  • SNR min 33
  • Halo max .9
  • Photoresponse minimum of 2200 micro amps per lumen or higher
  • Spec Sheets included with each tube.
  • Enhanced low-light performance with high-photocathode sensitivity to low radiation levels of visible and near infrared light
  • Extended detection ranges in little to no light provided by very high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Exceptional image resolution and longer tube life supported by advanced MCP engineering
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