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Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer

Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer

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Ever take your backpack off and find the back of your shirt completely soaked with sweat? This leaves you with a big, embarrassing wet spot on your back...awful if you happen to be heading to class, work, or an event.

Imagine being able to walk, run, hike, ride your bicycle/motorcycle, or skateboard with your backpack on without having to worry about a huge, embarrassing wet spot on your back when you take your backpack off...

The Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer helps Maximize the airflow between your backpack and your back which allows for a drier, less sweaty shirt while you wear your backpack, and most importantly when you take your backpack off.

The Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer was spawned from the success of our Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation. The Maxx-Dri Vest is worn by tens of thousands of Police Officers and Military Operatives worldwide to provide ventilation and cooling beneath their bullet-resistant vests. 


  • 3D AIR FLOW TECHNOLOGY that will allow fresh air to flow between your back and your backpack so your sweat can evaporate and your shirt can get DRY.
  • Our proprietary Maxx-Dri mesh does not absorb moisture like the many other commercial mesh materials already sewn into your backpack. Those meshes, in reality, actually soak-up sweat and make you feel wet and uncomfortable.
  • Does not hold any moisture. You can wear it in the rain or snow. It helps keep your weather-soaked backpack off your body. You'll be drier, more comfortable, and cleaner.
  • Reflective Strap hooks around your backpack to make you more visible...especially at night time. This is an extra, potentially life-saving feature we added for your safety.


SMALL: 12" WIDTH x 15" HEIGHT (Best fit for backpack sizes: 11-14" WIDTH x 12"-15" HEIGHT)

MEDIUM: 12" WIDTH x 18" HEIGHT (Best fit for backpack sizes: 11-14" WIDTH x 16"-18" HEIGHT)

LARGE: 12" WIDTH x 21" HEIGHT (Best fit for backpack sizes: 11-16" WIDTH x 19"-23" HEIGHT)

* Simply measure the back side of your backpack for the most accurate fit based on the above sizing recommendations.

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