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Master-Fit A2/AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Set

Master-Fit A2/AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Set

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Master-Fit single purpose crowfoot wrenches are made specifically for the job. Specialized for precise fitment and manipulation of A2 barrel nuts, buttstocks, muzzle devices and castle nuts. Titanium coated stainless steel construction provide tight tolerances for solid nut-gripping strength and enhanced no-slip fitment. Paired with the heavy-duty Master-Fit Torque Wrench it takes Gun DIY building to a new level of Master Grade quality and precision.

Upgraded tools for upgrading guns! This set includes 4 specialized crowfoot builder wrenches that fit the most common A2/AR15 assembly nut sizes and a heavy-duty ½” torque wrench. Wrenches are titanium coated stainless steel and include a storage rail.


  • master-fit torque wrench
  • delta ring / free-float barrel nut wrench
  • 3/4″ muzzle device wrench
  • 5/8″ muzzle device / a2 buttstock extension tube wrench
  • extended & standard castle nut wrench
  • storage strip
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