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LOF Defence Systems

LOF Defence Systems LCM Gun Fighter Belt

LOF Defence Systems LCM Gun Fighter Belt

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LOF Defence Systems LCM Gun Fighter Belt

**Fast Delivery: Estimated at 1-2 weeks!
Due to the custom nature of this product and high demand, there is limited stock available. If your order is not in stock it will be made to order and lead times may apply. Lead times vary depending on demand, material availability and global geo-political conditions. All lead times are estimates for the same reason and are subject to change without notice.

If you are considering looking into a new belt system, read below some of the features you can expect in the newest addition to their combat belt lineup. With over 10 months of combined flat range and operational field testing with LOF Team members along with LE and Military personnel, LOF is proud to create for you yet another high-quality piece of kit you and your team can depend on. Along with the overwhelming performance, fit and function, they endeavoured to raise the bar yet again in their LEAN manufacturing and automation methods to see how creative LOF Defence's team could get.

The LOF TEAM is excited and proud to announce one of their very first products entirely built by robotics and CNC automation. The LCM GunFighter Belt System comes with two individual belts that work together as one. Measuring at 2.0 inches wide, the combination of the "Inner Duty Belt" and "Outer MOLLE Duty Belt" provide a rigid and extremely stable system that includes many features such as their new low profile, Laser Cut MOLLE Platform. This is manufactured entirely in house using their own laminated process with 500 Denier MIL-SPEC Cordura®.  They have greatly increased the strength of this age-old design by implementing extreme quality control measures, unique manufacturing techniques, combined with some of the most beautiful CNC sewing you can get.

  • Multi-Function - Gives you the ability to attach MOLLE & Non-MOLLE pouches and equipment.
  • Stays in place - Combining an inner duty belt with 360° hook and loop Velcro®, this belt system will sit securely in place, mould to your waist and will not shift side to side or move up and down.
  • Rigidity - High-Density Polyethylene Core in both belts prevents the entire belt system from collapsing and maintains complete hip support for any duration of time, even with heavier load-outs.

Attach various types of pouches and equipment with this highly modular platform. With the ability to attach MOLLE and Non-MOLLE compatible equipment, there are hundreds of different ways you can set this system up. Customize the platform to your liking with the tactical equipment you already own. LOF Defence Systems want to ensure you get the most MOLLE rows/columns as possible. 

When it comes to legendary, life-saving, quick release hardware, the team at LOF only trusts the AustriAlpin™ COBRA® buckle. Built and rated for some of the most threatening environments known to humans, this life-saving buckle was designed to provide safety and security to astronauts in the harsh vacuum of outer space. Made with absolute precision in Austria, this unique design features a panted locking system, a very durable powder coat, along with an 18kN (4046.55 lbs) load rating. Due to supply and demand, all products using the COBRA® hardware will be made using the "Black KTLA" coated buckles until further notice.  

Robots made everything! From the laser-cut MOLLE platform down to the laser engraved label, both "Inner & Outer" belts are made entirely using CNC automation combined with lean manufacturing to ensure a smooth, high-quality and repeatable process. With this remarkable advantage, they shatter the traditional manufacturing times and reduce the total lead time. This means you are not waiting months for your product. Aside from this, the CNC stitching not only looks beautiful, but the 2.0" bar-tacks combined with strategic and continuous sewing provide unmatched strength and quality ensuring this system will not fail. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this may be one of the last belts you will ever need.

The ‘Inner Duty Belt’ (included) is the very foundation of any belt system. This vital piece of equipment is critical for overall comfort. LOF Defence Systems have taken the time and necessary steps with design and engineering to provide a rigid belt platform that gives you unmatched comfort, stability and repeatable performance for every shift or operation. 1.5" and 2.0" widths are available to choose from in the dropdown menus above.

This belt system is modular and stable enough to run on its own as a regular range belt or duty belt setup. However, when combined with other combat equipment such as plate carriers, chest rigs or SBA (Soft Body Armour) vests, you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to load-carriage. The choice is ultimately yours when it comes to setting up this highly advanced piece safety equipment

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