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Klover Mik

KLOVER MiK 09 Parabolic Microphone

KLOVER MiK 09 Parabolic Microphone

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Engineered for the modern videographer, the KLOVER MiK 09 parabolic microphone is known as our “shotgun killer.” Attach it to the camera’s shoe mount, mount it to a light pole, attach a pistol grip, or even hang it from the ceiling, for long-range audio that’s always ready.

Distinguishing Features


Enjoy longer reach and more directionality than a traditional shotgun microphone

Versatile Setup:

Designed to be used with any omnidirectional lapel mic, the KM-09 converts any microphone you may have to a long-distance shotgun equivalent

Capture Multiple Speakers

Capture natural conversation between multiple speakers without having to pass a handheld or wire people with individual mics

Discrete Design

Enjoy the reach of a boom without distraction to your subject


Constructed of ballistic-grade plastic and aluminum, and with no handles, the KLOVER MiK 09 is the most durable design

Built-In Protection

A break-away joint protects your equipment from danger if dropped or hit

Typical Applications


Presenting classes online is becoming more common every year. Streaming video of the instructor is quite easy, and using a wireless mic provides great audio from the instructor. If desired, it is rather straight forward to add a second camera to capture video of the students.  The challenge, however, is to capture audio of student questions and interaction.

Comments from more than 20 students were captured with four 9-inch parabolic microphones mounted in a 20-foot x 40-foot classroom (as shown below).  The audio was more than adequate.  Another university placed a 9-inch parabolic (along with a GoPro camera) in each classroom to stream the professor for students watching from home.


A number of customers use our small parabolic microphone for man-on-the-street type interviews.

The interview can be conducted spontaneously, without having to place a mic on the subject(s). At distances less than 6 to 8 feet (depending on the level of ambient noise) the audio will be very similar to a lapel mic on the subject. And if your subject turns their head to the side, the drop off is much less than with a lapel mic.

The directionality of the KM-09 greatly reduces the amount of ambient, or crowd noise that is captured.  This allows your subject to stand out from the background noise.  At the same time, the pickup is large enough that more than one subject can be captured with equal levels. You don’t need to worry about the subject speaking while the interviewer has pulled back the mic.

Security / Law Enforcement

The range and focus of the KLOVER MiK can provide audio to supplement surveillance video. This audio can provide valuable insight into suspicious activity. 


The KLOVER MiK 09 has been used for various sports including March Madness tournament and the NBA playoffs.  According to audio engineer Dave Grundtvig “the combination of the 9-inch parab and where it’s placed on the backboard perfectly mimics the three-point circle on the court.” 

Audio engineer Steve Koubridis used the KM-09 for major league soccer and said “You may notice a shotgun on top of the lens (photo on the  right). I had to do the A – B comparison. Well, no comparison at all. I’ll take it (the 9-inch parabolic).”

Leak Detection

The focused pickup pattern of the KLOVER MiK allows the high frequency sounds of air leaks to be easily detected and located.

Mechanical Noise Detection

The focused pickup pattern of the KLOVER MiK allows noises from specific points on equipment to be monitored and analyzed.  Brakes are just one example of noises that are easily captured.

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