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Israel Catalog

Israel Catalog Black Level IIIA Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat

Israel Catalog Black Level IIIA Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat

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Israel Catalog Level IIIA Light Weight Bullet Proof Waistcoat, Kevlar Vest

*Manufacturer's lead time: 4-8 weeks


***Exception: Cancellation of Orders may be done 24 hours after payment unless order is already shipped. Beyond the 24hr timeframe, no cancellation request will be accepted.

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  • Discrete – This is perfect for plain clothes operations because it blends in seamlessly with a suit – or even just a shirt. It’s also extremely low profile and could easily be worn underneath another garment. 
  • Stylish – You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything bulletproof that looks this good! This piece doesn’t sacrifice style or protection. 
  • Certified IIIA – This vest is certified level IIIA – which provides considerable protection when you consider the size of the armor. 

Standard vests tend to be bulky, obvious and heavy, and until now, there’s been no viable option for people who wear suits in their day-to-day work. This vest might just appear to be a waistcoat, but it’s bulletproof to IIIA standards – affording you fantastic protection without sacrificing your professional appearance.

This piece could easily be mistaken for an everyday waistcoat, and the low profile also helps keep the weight close to your body so that you can easily maneuver. Should you find yourself in an active shooter situation, you can rest assured that you’re prepared.

This would be perfect for security guards, plain clothes operatives or bodyguards who don’t want to be immediately identifiable.

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