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III+ Femoral Plates

III+ Femoral Plates

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III+ Femoral Plates

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Hoplite Armor is the world leader in advanced body armor design and our New III+ Femoral Plates are no exception. Designed to provide frontal protection to the femoral arteries, a common source of life threatening injuries. Use in conjunction with our Hard Armor Shoulder Plate system in order to maximize protection to the extremities.

Multicurve shapes match the geometry of the human body in order to maximize surface area contact thereby reducing wear stress and fatigue, allowing the system to be worn for long periods of time in any environment.

The unique laser cut carrier design is made using Squadron polymer laminate fabric resulting in an extremely durable, simple, lightweight plate carrier system. The minimalistic design prevents tenting on the backside of the plate in order allow for a seamless fit. 

Lightweight and highly ergonomic, this system attaches to a standard 1.75” MOLLE battle belt allowing the system to move with the wearers body without hindering the natural range of motion. 1 vertical support and 2 lateral elastic supports comfortably maintain the position of each plate even under the harshest conditions.


  • Lightweight, only 1 pound per plate
  • Thin plates, less than .6" thick
  • Kit includes 2x 6"x10" III+ Hard Armor Plates and Carrier
  • Highly ergonomic, designed in 3D to match the geometry of the human body
  • Made from Buoyant polymer armor materials
  • Protects the lower extremities against frontal impacts
  • Stops a wide range of rifle ammunition (Level III plus 7.62x39 MSC)
  • Multi-hit, edge to edge protection
  • Zero spall, polymer armor absorbs rounds on impact
  • Made in the USA by LTC exclusively for Hoplite Armor


We at Hoplite Armor are dedicated to the idea that the inherent Rights of Free Men supersedes all else and we exist to provide solutions for American Citizens to better deal with a dangerous and uncertain future. As such we cannot allow the systems we develop to ever be used against the American People and it is for that reason that this item is


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