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TEA Headsets

ICOM (Amplified)

ICOM (Amplified)

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This NEXUS style U-94 PTT is an amplified PTT designed to work with headsets using a Dynamic Microphone (AMPs / COMTAC etc...);  includes a standard U-94 input port to connect your NATO style downlead cable (U-174) found on most headset systems.  The coiled radio cable is 9" when retracted and expands to a total of 36" providing for great adaptability with user configuration.

NOTE: ICOM uses two different IF connectors, this PTT is with the below ICOM radios using the Red O-Ring port plug:

Compatibility with ICOM Series:

F3G F3GS  F4G F4GS F1 F11S F21
F43GS F43GT IC-F3S-3 F22 F3021T F4000
F24 F25 F3000 F3001 F3002 F3011 F3021
F4011 F4021 F21GS IC-V80 F3031 F4031
F3101 F4101 F310 F4210 F3230 F4230 F1000
F2000 F4201 F3033
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