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Hard Head Veterans

HHV Micro Lattice Helmet Pads (For ATE, FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH)

HHV Micro Lattice Helmet Pads (For ATE, FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH)

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We are excited to finally offer our Micro Lattice helmet pads for tactical or ballistic helmets. These pads have been in development for years and through our partnership with Carbon® and their Digital Light Synthesis ™ manufacturing process we are able to create energy absorbing complex structures in a helmet pad that could never be manufactured before.

These micro lattice pads average single digit deformation numbers when tested to 1400 fps with 9mm projectiles on our ATE ballistic helmet (click for test data). Regardless of whether they are at -60 degrees or 160 degrees they still perform the same. This can not be said for standard foam pads

The Carbon DLS™ process enables lattice structures that absorb and dissipate energy through the precise tuning of strut thickness and cell size.

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