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Hazard 4®

Hazard 4® Manila-11™

Hazard 4® Manila-11™

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Hazard 4® Manila-11™

**Estimated Manufacturer's Lead Time: 3-4 weeks!

Get the now-iconic manila envelope for your new MacBook Air 11". The AirManila-11 features resilient, water-shedding high quality leather, padded protection on all sides, Civilian Lab exclusive ventilating holes, and embedded velcro closures for extra closure security. Match the luxury of your MacBook 11" with this high-end and classic leather notebook sleeve.

Compatible Laptops: MacBook Air 11", Most Netbooks

Product Features & Benefits:
  • Resilient textured water-shedding leather; Plush, soft, fuzzy velour liner  
  • 5mm padding on all sides; 3-D embossed logos  
  • Velcro Closure  Long red string for making extra loops; Leather String-Winders  
  • V-Neck cut-away design for easy computer retrieval  
  • Finely crafted stitch finish

Product Specifications:

Care instructions See product tag
Main material
Leather, UltraSoft Velour Line
Long Beach, California - In-House Team.
Manufacturing Imported
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