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221B Tactical

Guardian Gloves Pro - Full Dexterity Level 5 Cut Resistant

Guardian Gloves Pro - Full Dexterity Level 5 Cut Resistant

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Lose your hands and you are out of the fight. You can't defend yourself. You can't hold anything. You can't call for help. You can't fire your weapon. Your hands are everything. You are obligated to protect them at all costs so you can get the job done and get home alive. With full dexterity, an ultra-thin design, and a new touchscreen capability, The Guardian Gloves Pro is the best full dexterity, full coverage, cut-resistant search, and tactical shooting gloves you'll ever wear.


  • 100% HPX construction protects not only palms but ALSO the back of the hand
  • Armor-Skin on the palm and fingertips for superior grip
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smartphone/touch-screen capability
  • Injection Rubber (High Density) on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles, and the back of the hands


  • HPX construction offers Level 5 cut protection on the front, back, and sides of hands
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance for LONG LASTING use
  • Cut protection even if the gloves get wet (something most "cut-resistant" gloves DO NOT offer)
  • High Density Injected Rubber on the back of the hands offers OUTSTANDING protection while allowing great flexion and mobility and maintaining a low profile (unlike hard, plastic knuckle gloves)
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for touch-screen and smartphone use
  • Superior blend and placement of materials provide a custom fit
  • Armor-Skin on the palms and fingers gives you superior grip and protection in all conditions....wet or dry


  • Hand Wash with Anti-Bacterial Soap and warm water
  • Lay flat to dry


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