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Force on Force Shield - JERRYC

Force on Force Shield - JERRYC

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Our FoF Shield is the solution that maintains the best image quality while offering protection to your thermal device in a force on force training situation. Germanium transparent to the LWIR wavelengths that thermal imaging devices detect which is why it is used to produce most thermal lenses, however it is very expensive and very difficult to cut. This sacrificial lens uses a custom cut Germanium window with specialized AR coatings to boost transmission for no noticeable loss in image quality. Other designs that use wire mesh cause image degredation, as can devices making use of incorrect coatings on the Germanium.


  • HP Multi Jet Fusion Nylon manufactured housing
  • 5mm thick Germanium disc to protect COTI objective lens
  • Dual transmission boosting wavelength specific anti reflective coatings for maximum transmission
  • No noticeable image degredation
  • Soft O-ring to dampen impact forces
  • Protective shroud for image injection arm
  • Housing, Germanium sac window, O-ring cushion, and mounting screws included
  • Spare sac windows available, message for inquiries.

Please note that Germanium is brittle, and may not stand up to multiple hits. This is a sacrificial lens only, however it has been impact tested for both Force on Force simunition and airsoft.

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