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First Manufacturing Company

First Manufacturing Chelsea - Women's Leather Jacket, Dark Cognac

First Manufacturing Chelsea - Women's Leather Jacket, Dark Cognac

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Exterior Design: The jacket is made from high-quality, lambskin leather, giving it a sleek and luxurious appearance. The leather is typically in a dark, classic black color, which enhances its timeless appeal. The asymmetrical design of the jacket is a signature feature, with a diagonal zipper closure that starts from one side of the collar and runs down to the lower hem. This creates a unique and dynamic look that sets it apart from traditional jackets. Chrome hardware, including zippers, and buckles embellish the jacket. The shiny, metallic elements contrast the dark leather and add a modern and industrial touch to the design.

Inner Lining: The jacket's inner lining is made of a faux wool pile. This plush, faux fur-like lining is incredibly soft and provides excellent insulation, making the jacket warm and cozy, especially in colder weather. The faux wool pile lining is in black creating a nice contrast with the dark leather exterior.

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