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Equinoxx Stage 3 - Ultra-Thermal Mock - As Warm as a Coat Without the Bulkiness

Equinoxx Stage 3 - Ultra-Thermal Mock - As Warm as a Coat Without the Bulkiness

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On a cold morning, you'll never want to go without wearing your Equinoxx Stage 3 Ultra-Thermal Mock base layer.

NOTE: The response to this product has been exceedingly high. And due to COVID-19, we took special precautions with our factory to ensure having these for you in time for the cold weather season.  The good news is replenishment inventory is back in stock NOW, just in time for the cold weather season!  If you've been thinking about this uniquely-designed, groundbreaking base-thermal, consider ordering NOW before it's sold out again.  Also available in a convenient 3-pack-discount-saver.  Thank you!


For decades police officers and first responders have had to face a dilemma every winter as the temperature drops: wear a heavy, bulky coat while on the job that limits and restricts movement and limits access to vital gear OR wear no coat at all but be subject to the brutal cold and bone-chilling winds.

The Equinoxx Ultra-Thermal is the ultimate base layer for those who WANT and NEED a base layer that wears like a shirt but keeps you as WARM AS A JACKET! Thermal...Wind-blocking...Breathable.


The "Grid" design structure in this amazing thermal base layer is the latest technology to reduce fabric weight while increasing warmth and compressibility. This form of construction enhances both wicking efficiency and breathability by generating channels of targeted touch points that absorb and diffuse moisture vapor for faster evaporation.

This winter, don't sacrifice your safety and comfort for warmth. Be SAFE, WARM, AND COMFORTABLE with our Equinoxx Ultra-Thermal! 


  • Temperature Rating: Sub 15° F / -9.45° C
  • A patented 3-layer, heat-laminated fabric
  • Grid-Structure fleece inner liner for ultimate heat preservation
  • Grid-Structure fleece offers maximum moisture-wicking
  • Moisture-wicking torso area for those who wear body armor
  • 4-way stretch for ultimate mobility
  • Mock-neck design for increased neck protection
  • Wind-blocking outer skin strategically placed to fight blistering cold winds
  • Regular fit
  • 85% Polyester 15% Spandex 


  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry or tumble dry (low)


SIZE CHART - Note:  If you're in between sizes we recommend going with the larger size.

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