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Eclipsys for Vests

Eclipsys for Vests

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Body Armor Vest Cooling For Kevlar

Today, Kevlar® body armor is at the cutting edge of technology, utilizing high quality materials to ensure maximum protection in life threatening situations. However, Kevlar® is not without its drawbacks. 

For many, wearing a kevlar vest, or other body armor, can be uncomfortable due to the heat generated by the body. This is because of the tightly woven, heat resistant fibers known as aramids, which can trap heat to the body and prevent the human body from regulating its temperature properly. The inability to properly regulate temperature can lead to discomfort, heat rash, cramps, exhaustion, and in rare cases, heat stroke. 

At Premier Body Armor, we have a simple, affordable solution: The Eclipsys™ system. Eclipsys is a wireless adaptive thermal regulation technology that doesn’t add any noticeable weight or thickness and can be retrofitted to any ballistic vest or plate. 

Premier Body Armor is proud to be the sole distributor of Eclipsys™, a technology developed by Alexium International Group Limited to provide unmatched comfort, utility, and moisture management. The Eclipsys™ system utilizes adaptive response technology, which works harder as you get hotter, to continually funnel heat away from the human body. 

The Eclipsys™ system is perfect for people who need to stay cool and protected in their line of work, such as police officers and security guards. Those who require ballistic protection on an everyday basis can also use the Eclipsys™ system with our Everyday Armor T-Shirt, or with our soft body armor or ballistic vests. 

Key Features of Eclipsys™

  • Passive thermal regulation means no batteries or wires. There is nothing to break
  • It works when you need it, for as long as you need it.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Environmentally Friendly
  • Ultrathin: Just 0.42 mm thick
  • Complements other cooling technologies for maximum cooling performance
  • Patent pending
  • Specifically designed for Premier Body Armor vests, but can be cut to fit any vest
  • Does not include ballistics (pictures with ballistics are for reference only)

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Tips On How To Keep Cool Under Bulletproof Vest

Keeping cool while wearing a bulletproof vest is essential, especially for those working in hot environments. One effective way to keep cool is to use a body cooling vest or plate carrier cooling technology, like the Eclipsys™ system. This system dissipates heat under the vest, pulling the heat away from the body for a cooling effect. 

Another option is to use an electronic plate carrier cooling system. This system uses small fans or evaporative technology to cool the body and reduce heat buildup. By implementing these technologies, you can stay cool and comfortable while wearing a bulletproof vest, even in high heat environments.

The Science Behind This New Body Armor Technology For Cooling Vests

This adaptive thermal regulation technology was developed by Alexium International Group Limited. Eclipsys™ offers unsurpassed comfort and moisture management by continually funneling heat away from the human body. Premier Body Armor is proud to be the sole distributor for Eclipsys™ in the armor industry.

Adaptive response means the hotter a human body is, the greater the effect. This cooling body armor technology is affordable, requires no batteries or wires, adds zero noticeable weight or thickness, and can be retrofitted to any ballistic vest or plate.  

The thermophysiological response to wearing body armor in the line of duty has been the subject of numerous studies.  These studies, in short, show that body armor (particularly soft body armor that is made with aramids) is highly insulative.

Studies also found that a vest made of these materials limits the human body's natural ability to self-regulate skin temperature on the chest and back.  This can lead to heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and in rare cases heat stroke. 

body armor cooling technology for ballistic panels and tactical vests


Other Ways To Handle Heat In Body Armor & Bulletproof Vests

In addition to plate carrier ventilation and cooling systems, other ways to handle heat in body armor and bulletproof vests include taking breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas, using cooling towels or ice packs, and wearing breathable clothing that wicks moisture away from the body.

It's important to prioritize staying cool and comfortable while wearing any type of body armor to prevent dangerous heat-related illnesses.

Air Conditioned Body Armor Ventilation - CoolCop

CoolCop is an air-conditioned body armor ventilation system that can be easily installed in a police vest cooler. This system provides cool air directly to the body, reducing the risk of heat exhaustion and improving comfort. The system is powered by a corded battery, making it a great option for police officers in a patrol car or station where mobility is not as necessary. 

In situations where mobility is necessary, a system such as Eclipsys™ is recommended, as it does not require wires and features active regulation technology that adapts to the heat level of the body to ensure maximum cooling. 

Body Armor Vent Panels

Another solution to the body armor ventilation issue is ballistic vent panels. These serve as a good way to keep the wearer cool, as they promote improved airflow that draws in cool air and expels warm air. 

However, these systems can be bulky and add extra weight to a setup that may already be heavy, especially if using a plate carrier. An example is TacVent, an under vest cooling system which uses ice vents to promote cooling. TacVent is similar to a ventilation vest, but can be much heavier than the user might want. 


The Eclipsys™ system provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of heat buildup in bulletproof vests. By utilizing adaptive response technology, the Eclipsys™ system continually funnels heat away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in even the hottest environments.

Other options, such as plate carrier ventilation systems, electronic cooling systems, and body armor vent panels, are also available to keep the wearer cool.

If you wear body armor, you should consider one of these cooling solutions. Stay cool, comfortable, and protected with the latest in body armor cooling technology. Contact Premier Body Armor to learn more about the Eclipsys™ system and other cooling solutions for bulletproof vests.

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