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Premier Body Armor

Eclipsys for Plates

Eclipsys for Plates

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Specifically Designed for 10X12 Plate Carriers

The Thermophysiological response to wearing body armor in the line of duty has been the subject of numerous studies.  These studies, in short, show that body armor (particularly aramids) is highly insulative and that a vest made of these materials limits the human body's natural ability to self-regulate skin temperature on the chest and back.  This can lead to heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and in rare cases heat stroke.  

At Premier Body Armor, we believe that we have found a solution.  One that is affordable, requires no batteries or wires, adds zero noticeable weight or thickness, and can be retrofitted to any ballistic vest or plate.  

Premier Body Armor is proud to be the sole distributor for Eclipsys™ in the armor industry. This adaptive thermal regulation technology was developed by Alexium International Group Limited. Eclipsys™ offers unsurpassed comfort and moisture management by continually funneling heat away from the human body. Adaptive response means the hotter a human body is, the greater the effect. 


Key Features of Eclipsys™

  • Passive thermal regulation means no batteries or wires. There is nothing to break
  • It works when you need it, for as long as you need it.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Environmentally Friendly
  • Ultrathin: Just 0.42 mm thick
  • Complements other cooling technologies for maximum cooling performance
  • Patent pending
  • Sold Individually (order two to cover the front and back of a plate carrier)
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