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CORE Survival

DZSO - Drop Zone Safety Officer Kit

DZSO - Drop Zone Safety Officer Kit

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CORE Survival & Combat Defense Systems have joined forces to bring a groundbreaking solution to increase efficiency and ease of operation to military Drop Zone Safety Officers.

Export of this product (IR Models) is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or Contact Us for more Information.

Designed to be an “All-In-One” solution for a quick and easily managed deployment, The DZSO Kit is a complete Drop Zone Safety Officer Kit for today’s high-tech battlefield.

  • Lightweight for ease of mobility
  • Remote control provides activation as simple as pushing a button.
  • IR and Visible White LEDs can be clearly seen from the air.
  • Components pack easily into a single kit so no matter where the Drop Zone is, you can easily Move, Deploy, and Tear Down.
  • Kit is designed to be an “All Included” option with Customizable load outs to ensure all your operational needs are met.

The DZSO-200 Series Kit is an airborne drop zone lighting system.

  • White and IR Lighting Modules are remotely activated by a handheld Controller Module.
  • Kit includes a manual Amber Flashing module.
  • Components are powered by a single replaceable CR123 battery.
  • Remote-controlled devices operate on an FCC approved discreet 2.4 GHz radio network.
  • Coded spares available that are matched to a specific DZSO set.


  • ACL-600 Series - Mock door training lights
  • DZM® - Wind Direction Indicator
  • HEL-STAR EXO® - Personnel marking
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