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DISCUS enables the communicator to make phone calls, listen to music or interact with other Bluetooth-enabled devices using a military-style communications headset.

Leveraging SIGNAL or other applications, the DISCUS allows the communicator to make legal peer-to-peer encrypted voice communications utilizing their headset. DISCUS is fully compatible with cellphone-enabled two-way radio services like Zello.

DISCUS is a stand-alone device engineered to work with any communication headset with dynamic microphones, NATO wiring, and terminated with NEXUS TP-120 style telephone plugs also known as U-174, which is common to the popular COMTAC, AMP, and OTTO series headsets. 

Bluetooth-enabled DISCUS can operate independently of a PTT to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the headset (i.e., DISCUS can pair with a Bluetooth device without a two-way radio present).

DISCUS can be coupled to a PTT connected to a two-way radio; DISCUS uses innovative technology to automatically adjust audio levels to prioritize radio traffic over audio received from a Bluetooth source. DISCUS allows you to simultaneously use your cellular phone (EUD) and your two-way radio on the same down-lead.

DISCUS is powered by one CR-123 battery, which provides up to 48 hrs of life.

If DISCUS loses power, your radio and push to talk will still function normally. Only the Bluetooth will cease to function.  

Made in the USA


  • Single-button with power icon for power/pairing
  • TP120 (NATO) connector to PTT
  • TJ101 (NATO) connector to the headset, with sealing boot 
  • environmentally sealed battery compartment (CR-123)
  • Rugged over-molded design
  • IP66 Rated 



  • 1 x CR-123 Battery 
  • One year manufacturer's warranty (outlined in terms of service)

For OPS CORE AMP Connectorized Users : 

DISCUS works best with Mono Binaural (mono audio signal to two ears) type cables. This cable sends one mono audio signal to both earcups. 

For TCI Headset users: 

Not compatible with TCI Headsets style TP-102 plug due to the size of the connectors "boot" it will not couple with DISCUS' waterproof boot. 

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