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The QRC 2.0 is the second generation enhanced version of our flagship Quick-Release Carrier. Critical design elements that offer superior mobility and tactical versatility remain while significantly updating materials, features, consistency, and aesthetics.

Utilizing laser-cut Squadron Laminate in lieu of traditional Cordura/webbing, the outer structure of both front and rear plate bags is one single piece of material featuring laser-cut MOLLE. This reduces weight, bulk and failure points without compromising strength.

The QRC 2.0 is 12% lighter than the original QRC. The shoulder strap design redirects and improves load carriage while reducing obstruction when shouldering a rifle buttstock. The included shoulder strap covers feature laser-cut slots for cable and hose management for comms and hydration respectively. In addition to the included lace-attached cummerbund, the rear plate bag now offers a hidden Velcro loop channel with the ability to operate a Velcro/elastic cummerbund that DFNDR will be releasing as an option in January 2022.

Both shoulders and cummerbund sides are size-adjustable and disengage via the ITW Nexus quick release hardware. This quick-release design is simple, fast, and strong making it extremely easy to don or doff the carrier in almost any situation. The included drag handle attaches through dedicated slots in the rear plate bag and can be removed if desired.

The QRC 2.0 is modular, adaptable, and designed for all-day comfort in even the most demanding environments.

This System Includes
  • (1) Front Plate Pocket
  • (1) Rear Plate Pocket
  • (2) Cummerbund Sides
  • (2) Tri-Fold Shoulder Strap Covers
  • (1) Detachable QRC MOLLE Front Panel
  • (1) Detachable Drag Handle
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