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DFNDR Level IV Armor Plate

DFNDR Level IV Armor Plate

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DFNDR Level IV Armor Plate

*Please allow for 4-16 weeks for delivery.

***IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

This plate has been tested at an NIJ complain laboratory in accordance with the NIJ 0101.04 Protocol.

Made in America and developed to defeat a single shot of 7.62×63 APM2 at muzzle velocity. The DFNDR lightweight Level IV Rifle Plate weighs 5.8 lbs per plate for a medium size 9.5×12.5 SAPI Cut. Engineered as a stand alone armor system and can be used with or without soft armor. Designed as a robust ergonomic multi-curve, this system mitigates spalling and deflection.

Material: This system has the highest grade Ceramic strike face used in our research and development of lightweight armor systems. Integrated with UHMWPE, an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene composite. Millions of fiber-based materials are woven together in a uni-direction system.


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