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Custom Bulletproof Dress Suits for Adults, Teens, and Children - Any; Fabric, Size, Color, Level

Custom Bulletproof Dress Suits for Adults, Teens, and Children - Any; Fabric, Size, Color, Level

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Atomic Defense is proud to announce our custom ballistic and bulletproof suits and tuxedos for all members of your family and all occasions. 

We can make the clothing and protective area specific to your needs or wants.  For this project, you will be working one-on-one with a dedicated representative. 

Not local, or you're out of the country?  No worries; your representative will be available internationally via phone call, text, email, and WhatsApp.

Here is what we need from you:

  • The suit you would like to have bulletproof armor added to.
  • A phone number, email address, and shipping/billing address.
  • Your preference on how hidden you want the ballistic body armor to be.
  • What areas do you want protected?  For example: The entire inner-vest, jacket chest (front), legs (front), and upper arms of the jacket.
  • submit an RFQ with the details from above in bullet point format answered

Some tips for choosing the right level of bulletproofing on a dress suit

 3A/IIIA Protection 2A/IIA Protection
Blocks 9mm, .45, .44 Mag, 12 gauge slug + .22L, 9mm, .45, .357 Mag +
Weight Low Lowest
Flexibility Medium
Concealment Medium Highest
Price Starts at $900 Starts at $800



Why are there two starting price points? $800 & $900?

The two starting price points are for different levels of armor. The $800 starting price is for the level 2A armor, and the $900 starting price is for the level 3A armor.

What is the cost for the entire suit compared to only a vest, coat, or pants?

An entire suit typically costs around $5000 to $6000 per level 3A suit, with some parts being 2A or 2.  Doing just one piece or set of clothing will usually cost closer to $1000 to $2000, depending on the clothing piece.

What is the cost of the entire suit for levels 2A and 2 compared to level 3A?

There isn't a cost comparison since it depends on what you need. We typically recommend having the inner-vest be level 3A, and the outer clothing, such as the pants and the suit jacket, be level 2A or level 2.

The lower level helps them to be lighter, more flexible, and more concealable.  Each suit is custom-made, custom-cut, and hand-made once you give us your base suit to modify.

Are there existing suits, or do you send in your own?

We have existing suit vests that can be custom-made on request and measurements being sent in.

However, we highly recommend you send in your clothing and accessory items to be armored.  We often recommend that you purchase a size larger than you typically would.  This is because the armor and extra fabric that will be added to the interior lining of the vest and jacket or pants will add bulk to your frame, and an already tight-fitting suit will be too tight for some people.

What are the materials made of?

Each suit is entirely custom-made and is typically a blend of our proprietary PEAD fabric mix.  It depends on each customer's need and how they will wear the suit, which determines what blend of fabrics we use.

How concealed is the armor?

When the armor is new and freshly cut, the best way to describe it is that it needs to be worn-in like a good pair of boots. 

Initially, you will see some of the edges, and they will not form ideally to your body.

Over time, the armor will adapt and fit your body and clothing.

How heavy is the armor?

It depends on the level that is selected. Level 3A armor typically adds about 1 to 2 pounds of weight per square foot, while level 2 and 2A armor typically adds about 0.25 to 1 pound per square foot.

What is the timeframe to complete the suit?

The typical time frame to fully complete a suit is 6 months.

However, this can vary drastically based on what is supplied and alterations that need to be made. For example, if just a suit interior vest is provided, the turnaround time is typically closer to three months. Once we know the details for a full suit, it will typically take about 5 to 8 months to complete the process.

Are these suits spike-rated or stabproof?

Yes, they are, and the suit specifications and pricing will change according to your need.  Remember that the higher the stab rating, the more rigid the armoring inside the suit fabric is.

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