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Hydram CHEC300

Hydram CHEC300

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Hydram CHE 210 Product Infographic


The Hydram CHEC300 is a Hydraulic cutter with combined blades. Versatile combined tool, designed for rapid intervention. It has a powerful and light-weight construction which makes it possible to cut high gauge, sheet metals, pipes, structures and profiles. It also has ergonomically shaped control handle with a built in safety feature.


  • 1 double-acting cylinder
  • 1 control handle with integrated safety, ergonomic shape, non-return valve
  • Set of 0.5 m long hoses with anti-pollution HP quick couplings, with automatic locking and fitted with protective metal caps.
  • 2 shear blades in forged steel with High Resistance and anti-corrosion treatment
  • 2 removable ridged spouts
  • 1 U-shaped grab handle
  • Hose decompressor on end cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pressure does the Hydram CHEC300 operate at?

The Hydram CHEC300 generally operates at 700 bar but we have a range at 140 bar. The pressure limiting elements are factory set, no adjustment is necessary.

When to use a jack or a spreader?

Our tools are designed for specific uses, when you need to work continuously as in industry, you will prefer tools with an electrical unit connected to the mains. Battery powered tools are often preferable in the field during road rescue or rescue operations. 

Where are your tools made?

Hydram has been manufacturing hydraulic tools in France since the beginning and we have developed a range that meets all expectations in this area. We also select the best equipment that goes with the range of hydraulic tools to offer a global offer. Each material that is delivered has been previously tested in accordance with European standards.

Do you have certifications?

Hydram received the ISO 9001 certification label for its Saint-Bonnet de Mure assembly site as well as ISO 14001 certification. All Hydram suppliers are certified with a recognized quality label.

Do you want to learn more?

Be sure to check out our blog post on the importance of Hydram Hydraulic tools here.

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