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Combat Medical iTClamp® Training Products

Combat Medical iTClamp® Training Products

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Training Products

Combat Medical iTClamp® Training Products

Manufacturer's Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks


Staunch Critical Bleeding in Seconds

The iTClamp® by Innovative Trauma Care® represents the latest advance in battlefield hemorrhage control − the leading cause of preventable combat death. For self-aid or buddy-aid, it is an intuitive, easy to apply, combat-ready wound closure device that controls severe bleeding within seconds of application during “care under fire”.

Virtually painless, the iTClamp® seals the wound, creating localized, hands-free pressure that quickly forms a stable clot and prevents further blood loss. Localized pressure remains the simplest, time-tested way to control severe hemorrhage. Application of the iTClamp® is intuitive and with minimal training every warfighter can instantly treat life threatening hemorrhage not amenable to a tourniquet.

No comparable product exists for “care under fire” or any situations where a tourniquet is not applicable. The iTClamp® is easy-to-use and can be applied in seconds with a one-handed squeeze application.

Product Specifications

  • Not for Human Use
  • Non-Sterile
  • Training Device Box/10
    • Non-sterile version of iTClamp50
    • Box/10
  • Training Set
    • Contains all the necessary items for training students in the use of the iTClamp50.
Purchase of some medical devices that may be labeled “Caution” or “RX only” requires that purchaser is a licensed physician or work under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Ensuring this supervision is the purchasers' responsibility.
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