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SafeGuard Medical

Combat Medical APLS Transport

Combat Medical APLS Transport

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Combat Medical APLS Transport

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APLS Transport is an innovative portable stretcher designed to safely and quickly move injured personnel out of harm’s way. It is ideal for emergency transport situations, especially when traditional EMS solutions are not readily available. Constructed with a durable canvas and highly absorbent core, the APLS Transport can absorb up to 4.5 liters of fluid while supporting up to 450 pounds, wet or dry.

The treated nylon backing also protects against wind and moisture, helping to keep patients warm. Each stretcher is available individually packed in a water-proof bag to protect the cellulose core from water damage and possible contamination.

Product Features and Benefits

  • SUPPORT: 420 – 450 lbs. wet or dry
  • SAFE: straps secure to any litter
  • EASY: Eight reinforced straps allow for carry
  • Locker for patient documents and personal effects
  • Lightweight, rugged and portable
  • Bottom straps to secure APLS to litters
  • Compressed vacuum packed

Clinical Benefits

  • Highly absorbent core contains up to 4.5 liters of blood and bodily fluids
  • Built-in thermal properties for warmth during transport
  • Supports 420 – 450 lbs. (190.51 –204.12 kg) wet or dry

Product Specifications

  • Not made with natural rubber latex / Single patient use
  • Target Absorbency (H2O):4,250 – 4,750 grams (target = 4,500 grams, or 4.5 liters)
  • Pad Thickness: 0.0665”(0.17 cm)
  • Dimensions-
    • Packaged: 33” x 78” (83.82 cm x 198.12 cm)
      • Weight: 2.74 lbs. Dry Weight (1.24 kg)
      • Weight Capacity: 420 – 450 lbs. (190.51 –204.12 kg) wet or dry
  • Made in USA
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