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SafeGuard Medical

Combat Medical APLS HazRem- Chem/Bio Body Bag

Combat Medical APLS HazRem- Chem/Bio Body Bag

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Combat Medical APLS HazRem- Chem/Bio Body Bag

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APLS Body Guard HazRem is a rugged, disposable absorbent body bag that protects service providers from potentially harmful chemical and biological agents.

The bag’s innovative design – thermal seals, finished edges, treated nylon backing, and a heavy duty, fluid-proof zipper – creates a leak-proof inner chamber that protects service providers from bacteria-laden body fluids and chemical and biological agents.

Constructed with a highly absorbent cellulose core that retains over six liters of fluid, APLS Body Guard HazRem is designed to work independently or with a stretcher for staging, storing, and transporting deceased personnel.

APLS Body Guard HazRem features a surface-active agent for odor control and the rugged design lessens the chance of environmental contamination.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Leak proof backing and sealed edges
  • Fluid-proof and airtight zipper
  • Vapor and fluid leak protection
  • Contains up to 6.7 liters of blood and bodily fluid
  • Eight (8) handles allow for carrying and easy transport
  • Complete concealment capability through zippered top
  • Surface-active agent for odor control
  • Arced zipper path provides convenient access
  • Pocket secures patient documents
  • Supports 420–450 lbs. (190.51– 204.12 kg), wet or dry
  • Compressed vacuum packed

Product Specifications

  • Finished Product Size: 36″ x 91″ (91.44 cm x 231.14 cm)
  • Target Absorbency (H2O): 6500 – 6,850 grams (Target = 6850 grams, or 6.7 liters)
  • Weight Capacity: 420 – 450 lbs. (190.51 – 204.12 kg)
  • Pad Thickness: 0.125″ (0.32 cm)
  • Pad Weight: 6.6 lbs. (2.99 kg)
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