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Cobra Double Magazine Pouch

Cobra Double Magazine Pouch

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Introducing the Cobra Double Magazine Pouch, your ultimate companion for carrying extra ammunition with ease and style. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this Model A-66 Double Mag Pouch is designed to meet the demands of discerning firearm enthusiasts.

Constructed with durable leather and featuring adjustable straps with a Kydex bottom, this magazine pouch offers both reliability and versatility. Whether you're a professional on duty or a civilian carrying for personal defense, the Cobra Double Magazine Pouch ensures your magazines stay secure and accessible at all times.

Compatible with a range of firearms including GL19/17, SIG 226, and more, this pouch provides a snug fit for your magazines, eliminating unnecessary movement and ensuring quick reloads when every second counts.

Incorporating innovative design elements, this pouch boasts a sleek and compact profile, allowing for discreet carry without sacrificing functionality. Whether worn on the belt or concealed inside the waistband, the Cobra Double Magazine Pouch offers comfortable and reliable performance in any situation.

Enhance your tactical setup with the Cobra Double Magazine Pouch, featuring a timeless black color that complements any gear ensemble seamlessly. Available in sizes suitable for 9MM and .40 CAL magazines, this pouch caters to the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts.

Experience the pinnacle of quality and functionality with the Cobra Double Magazine Pouch. Elevate your carrying experience and stay prepared for whatever challenges may arise with this essential accessory.

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