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Citizen Armor

Citizen Armor Civvy Classic Vest

Citizen Armor Civvy Classic Vest

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Citizen Armor Civvy Classic Vest

**Estimated Manufacturer's Lead Time: 2 - 5 weeks!

***IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product ALL SALES FINAL.


The Civvy Classic Vest is right in between a more concealable option (Civvy Covert Vest), or a more tactical option (Civvy Light Tactical Vest) and provides the same level of protection for vital organs on the front, back and side to side for up to a .44 mag. It’s a great every day “gray man” vest with a clean front and features the addition of a trauma plate pocket and Velcro strip for Identification patches. The fabrics are selected for their moisture wicking and breathable qualities, to reduce odor and discomfort.

Civvy Classic Vest is made using our Protek™ graphene microfiber technology and comes in Citizen Armor Standard or Elite Options (see chart below for comparison). Unlike vests using only aramid fibers (Kevlar), our Elite level is impervious to water, UV rays and the environment and boasts an unprecedented 7-year warranty.

Learn more about the different types of body armor through this article.

Carrier Features

  • Sizes: C1 (XS), C2 (S), C3 (M), C4 (L), C5 (XL)
  • Removable armor shields
  • Easy open zipper trauma plate pocket
  • Velcro Identification Patch strip
  • Washable outer layer
  • Large adjustable straps
  • 100% A.M.Y./Sorbtek Polyester Mesh
  • Breathable moisture management leaves user cool, dry & comfortable
  • Nano Technology catches moisture and releases with quick evaporation
  • Stain release protection against every day stains
  • Permanent odor control technology
  • DWR Antimicrobial coating
  • CPAI Fire Retardant
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Armor Specifications:

  • Tested for NIJ level IIIA standards (0101-06)
  • LEVEL IIIA Stops all TLII plus .44 Mag
  • Areal density 1.32 lbs/sq. ft. | Thinness 0.24 in.
  • Protek™ — graphene microfiber technology (Standard adds aramid fibers; Elite adds polyethylene)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Standard Armor Elite Armor
5 Year Armor Warranty 7 Year Armor Warranty
Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers
Includes Aramid Fibers Includes Polyethylene (UHMWP)
Requires a water proof protective cover to not be exposed to water, UV light & environment Impervious to water, UV light & environment
Protects against NIJ Level IIIA handgun rounds up to .44 mag Protects against NIJ Level IIIA in addition to armor piercing rounds that include the FN 5.7x28mm, Winchester Ranger T-series SXT, and Liberty 9mm
Standard allowed Back Face Signature (BFS) Up to 20% less Back Face Signature (BFS)
Not rated for stab resistance Stab resistant up to 34 Joules


Vest sizes with correlating plate sizes
Vest Size Trauma
XS (C1) 6″x8″
S (C2) 6″x8″
M (C3) 7″x10″
L (C4) 7″x10″
XL (C5) 7″x10″
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