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Cloud Defensive

Chicro Admin Light

Chicro Admin Light

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The most powerful Micro handheld light. Ever. The Chicro admin light is lighthearted in name but serious in performance. When you purchase a Chicro, you get the light, battery, and charging cord. Everything you need in a small box.

With 350 Lumens of light, it will light up a dark room. And with a low-power setting as well, you can dial that back to 35 Lumens of light for all the up-close tasks where you do not want overpowering light.

Running on a 10440 rechargeable battery, we’re able to ask more of the light than ever before. And we integrated a USB-C recharging port directly into the light head. No need to remove your battery. You can charge it basically anywhere now.


  • Length: 3.640″
  • Bezel Diameter: .625″
  • Weight (with battery): 1.05oz
  • Output: 350 Lumens (High), 35 lumens (Low): 40% more lumen output than the closest competitor.
  • Run-Time: 45 minutes (High) and 6+ hours (Low)
  • Momentary and constant-on function.
  • A reversible pocket clip for a variety of carry and user options.
  • Fully rechargeable 10440 battery via an integrated USB-C port.

Why Outsource?

Because Cloud Defensive designs great lights but we focus our American manufacturing and assembly bandwidth on the lights that you bet your life on. Things like weapon mounted lights and duty lights are all made right here in the USA in our facility. However, a much needed and very small admin light does not meet that same life saving threshold. So, we designed the light, created all the specs, and sent it offshore to a trusted manufacturing partner. Outsourcing frees us up internally to make the lights you bet your life on. It allows you to get high quality admin tools cost-effectively. It opens up our product catalog and it gives you options in the market. The concept checked all the right boxes. And just like that, the Chinese Micro admin light was born.

Why Chicro?

And in true Cloud-fashion, we wanted to be as transparent as possible about the origin of this flashlight. Nothing is more transparent than naming the Chinese Micro admin light, the Chicro. It’s also hilarious and we’ll be poking fun at ourselves along the way as you may have guessed.

It’s worth noting the price is right with the Chicro. By leveraging that off-shore manufacturing, we’re able to bring this admin light to you at an absurdly good price. And that’s a great thing because you’ll want them in your pocket, on your nightstand, in your desk, in your cars, in your kitchen, in your toolboxes, basically everywhere. And at this price point you can make that happen without breaking the bank.

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