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Atomic Defense

Lightweight Bulletproof Backpack | AR-15 & AK-47 Protection

Lightweight Bulletproof Backpack | AR-15 & AK-47 Protection

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Bulletproof Level

Due to recent world events in Nashville, the 11x14 level 3 (22% lighter) and level 4 options are on backorder for 2-5 weeks. All other options are available for immediate shipping.

Bulletproof Atomic Defense Backpack

The AR-15 AK-47 Bulletproof Backpack from Atomic Defense is a rifle-resistant bag you can carry anywhere. This lightweight backpack features ceramic inserts with military-grade polyethylene (PE) for some of the most reliable ballistics protection available. Complete with convenient features like padded straps, spacious pockets, and USB charging capability, the AR-15 AK-47 Bulletproof Backpack is the perfect bulletproof backpack for any setting.

These bulletproof backpacks are available in three defense levels, meeting NIJ III, NIJ III (lightweight), and NIJ IIIA standards. Reach out to Atomic Defense to learn more about wholesale rates and shipping options.

  • Industry Leading Features: Has an ergonomic shape with comfortable padding and durable Velcro straps.
  • Ballistic Resistance: Ranges from NIJ IIIA, NIJ III+, and NIJ III+ (lightweight) standards. This tactical backpack protects against .44, .357, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, and more.
  • Testing: Each of our bags undergoes testing based on the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Standard 0101.06


  • Padded and ergonomic-shaped back and straps with ventilation to provide the most comfortable extended wear.
  • Dual laptop and tablet holder with Velcro strap to hold everything in place.
  • Seamless uni-body strap. This holds the straps to the backpack with one large and deeply sewn strap.  Even under extreme stress of +100 lbs, the straps won't break.
  • USB charging any device that charges via a cable can be plugged in and charged with the backpack's built-in USB.
  • Dual bottle holders flanking both sides of the pack are storage compartments capable of holding moderately sized water containers.
  • It's even washable! With all the technology packed into the backpack, you can still wash it thanks to our specialized construction.  Just remove the bulletproof insert.
  • Legal for travel or school. Having this backpack on you is legal in the US and in most other countries.  Be sure to check your arrival location's laws too.  Allowed on planes.
  • Hidden pockets for valuables. Even worried that someone might go through your backpack and take your property?  Hidden pockets allow for better peace of mind.
  • Turtle shell construction to help keep the wearer safe from rain or bullets. Hugs the body closely, overlapping the zipper, to keep out debris.
  • Low Visibility Fabrics are used for maximum stealth
  • Fire, water, and dust resistant
  • Backpacks come with a 100%, transferrable lifetime warranty on parts and labor


  • Interior dimensions: Approximately 15 inches by 12 inches
  • NIJ Level IIIA or III plates
  • Weight: The NIJ III option weighs under five pounds, and the NIJ IIIA option weighs under 1.5 pounds
  • Ergonomic shape with padded straps 
  • USB charging capabilities
  • Two water bottle holders 
  • Washable
  • Legal for school and travel 
  • Spacious interior storage with hidden compartments
  • Complies with: NIJ Standard-0101.06

Assembled and In the Box:

  • Backpack 
  • NIJ bulletproof plate (based on the protection level you select)


Q: How Much Does Each Bulletproof Level Weigh?

  • Level 3+ (III+): Approximately 5-6 pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop.
  • Level 3+ Lightweight (III+ Lightweight): Approximately 4-5 pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop.
  • Level 3A (IIIA): Approximately 1-2 pounds, about the weight of a plastic water bottle or a 70-page notebook.

Q: Is the Bulletproof Insert Removable, or Sewn into the Bag?

  • The insert is removable, allowing for separate washing of the backpack and the insert without compromising the plate's integrity.
  • The backpack allows for easy changing of armor inserts, depending on the situation or the child's age.
  • Monitoring the insert's condition is possible to ensure it remains undamaged and maintains high-performance standards.
  • Easy transferability of the bulletproof insert to another backpack or bag when the current one becomes outdated or goes out of style.
  • Rigorous testing of backpacks to ensure comfortable fit and weight distribution with the plates.
  • Flexibility to position the plate in the desired location within the backpack.
  • Note that all backpacks available on the market with sewn-in armor usually only go up to IIIA, which stops pistol-caliber bullets. Our bulletproof backpacks can accommodate plates that offer protection against high-powered rifle rounds with Level III or IV bulletproof ratings because they are detachable. 

Q: What Bullets Can This Bag Withstand?

This backpack protects against various types of firearms, including:

  • NIJ IIIA: Handguns up to .44 mag and .357.
  • NIJ III & III (Lightweight): Rifles up to 5.56 and 7.62

Q: Does This Backpack Do More Than Stop Bullets?

Beyond stopping bullets, this backpack protects against knives and other blunt force objects as well as secures your pockets from thieves in large crowds or city streets. The turtle-shell construction protects the wearer from rain and hugs the wearer closely and overlaps the zipper to protect against debris. 

Q: Can I Carry a Firearm With This Backpack?

The backpack has a zipper on the lower back for a concealed carry weapon. 

Q: How Does the USB Charging Feature Work?

The bag includes a USB charging device on the inside with ports compatible with your charging cable. You can run the cable through and out of the backpack to continue using the device while it charges. 

Q: Can I Wash This Backpack?

The internal technology will stay safe while you wash the backpack. Remove the bulletproof insert before washing your bag. 

Q: How Well Does the Armor Fit Into the Backpack?

The rifle-rated Level III armor plates are sized specifically for this backpack.

Q: Is This Backpack Comfortable to Wear?

The bag includes comfort features like padding, ergonomic back shaping, and ventilated straps for optimal comfort. 

Q: How Durable Is the Construction?

The straps can handle over 100 pounds of extreme stress thanks to a seamless unibody strap with deep stitching. 

Q: How Much Storage Space Does This Bag Feature?

This backpack has numerous compartments for a variety of items. The inside features a spacious primary compartment, plus a laptop and tablet holder with velcro straps to hold your devices in place. There are also various hidden compartments to store your most valuable items. The outside features two water bottle holders with one on either side. 

Ballistics Protection for Your Daily Needs

The wisest civilians know mass shootings are a part of reality we're better off preparing for than wishing we would have. This bulletproof backpack makes it easy to integrate ballistics protection into your life and is the perfect backpack for AR-15 and AK-47 protection. You can legally wear bulletproof bookbags in the city, the mall, the airport, and nearly everywhere else.

This backpack meets your needs thanks to convenient features like padded straps and spacious pockets. When a dangerous situation occurs, this bulletproof bag will have your back. Count on your AR-15 AK-47 Bulletproof Backpack for full torso coverage as you flee from the hostile situation, or use it as a solid structure to duck behind until help arrives.  

A Bulletproof Backpack for Kids

Parents' number one priority is their children's safety. You protect your children every second you're with them, but they spend the majority of the week in a crowded school building you can't control. You want your child to enjoy a normal school experience. Fortunately, our bulletproof backpack for school can provide the best of safety and normalcy. 

Our bulletproof school backpacks have an inconspicuous look on the outside, while the inside features durable plates that can withstand multiple assault rifle rounds. The bags weigh five pounds and have plenty of space for their books, so they're easy for older kids to carry. Send your child to school wearing our AR-15 AK-47 Bulletproof Backpack to know they're safe in the worst-case scenario.  

Bulletproof Backpacks at NIJ Level III or Higher

Our bulletproof backpacks qualify for the National Insitute of Justice's (NIJ) Level III, meaning they can stop 7.62mm NATO rounds before penetrating the armor deeper than 44mm. We test each bulletproof plate at our in-house testing center in Fresno, California, to verify it meets and exceeds NIJ requirements. 

You can count on our backpacks to withstand multiple rounds of various calibers for ideal protection in hostile situations. You can improve your backpack's bullet resistance by using additional armor inserts —  browse our insert plates for options as high as NIJ Level IV. Our options include:

  • NIJ III RATED: Protection from common rifle calibers including .308 Winchester, 5.56x45mm, .22, 7.62x51mm. The best thing to have in a life or death situation. Doing all this while being 40% lighter than the competition.
  • BETTER THAN KEVLAR: Protects against common AR-15 & AK-47 rounds, including 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm. Military-grade PE and ceramic mil spec plating.

Order an NIJ III Bulletproof Backpack

Thanks for supporting our American small business!

Bulletproof backpack for school and work - NIJ III and NIJ IIIA Bulletproof - For Purses, Clothing and Vests, use the removable insert panel – Level 3 or 3A PE with Best Ballistic Shield Coverage Protection Against Rifle and pistols bullets.

Wearing a bulletproof backpack can make a difference in hostile situations like mass shootings. Order an AR-15 AK-47 Bulletproof Backpack from Atomic Defense for reliable ballistic protection and a tool you can use every day. We also offer free shipping when you order bulletproof backpacks.

Get Your Hands on a Bulletproof Backpack Today

As a parent, you should feel confident in the bags and products you use to take care of your children. Order your Bulletproof Backpack from Atomic Defense to conveniently store your child's essentials while adding an extra layer of protection to your disposal. 

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